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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 1:35 AM

Where is the remaining credit owed to my account? The credit should have been at least $241.00 not $100.00?

Hello, I have been into the store 3 times and called 611 3 times thus far. I was assured each time that the credit for the difference of what was incorrectly charged to my account when I added line 8285. My monthly bill has always been $135.12 and when I added my husbands phone to my account it was only supposed to be $20.00 extra a month to add him. So By my calculations 135.12 plus $20.00 =  $155.12.  This was at the beginning of Nov. Then towards the end of Nov I upgraded line 5059 when I found out that my bill had been increased to 396. The store clerk informed me to call 611 immediately for this correction. I called 611 on 11-24-2020 and was told that the credit for adding 8285 incorrectly on its on plan. This credit was for $241.46. This credit was supposed to be applied to my account before my monthly bill came out on 11-26-20. It was not. So I called 611 again and the guy told me to turn off the auto pay and make my normal payment of $135.12 and that the credit would apply next month. The next day I called 611 again because I didn't feel right about that. Knowing that it would look like i would have a past due balance then more than likely be charged late fees'. The lady' assured me that I would receive the full credit and that I would receive an email when the credit  applied, so I could make my payment on time and turn my auto pay back on.  My bill is due DEC 8th and I checked the account today because I never got an email from Att and like the lady said I would. I do see that a credit of $100.00 was applied to my account but that is incorrect. It should be $241.46. I went ahead and paid $186.27 today 12-6-2020. and sure enough, I got an email saying I needed to pay the remaining balance before 12-8-2020 to avoid charges. The balance on this account is not owed. I have since upgraded to more lines and expect the activations fees and the extra 15 for each line a month, starting DEC billing. I had plan to upgrade two more lines, but if this credit is not applied correctly and if my billing issue is not resolved before 12-8-2020, then I will not only not upgrade the remaining lines, but I will pay our new phones in full and cancel. I will take my business else where if need be. I would like to think since I have had Att for 20 plus years that this would have been handled with my first call as promised. I will look forward to hearing from you by end of day Monday 12-7-2020 for confirmation this billing issue has been resolved.  Please and thank you


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This forum is not customer support. It is also a public forum, please remove your personal information. No one from ATT will contact you from your post here.

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