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Mon, Jul 21, 2014 1:04 AM

What is the problem with customer service agents?

I've had a recurrent problem with customer service people hanging up on me, failing to call me back and outright lying to me. In the beginning of June 2014 I went into an AT&T store to  upgrade my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. The employee told me I had to have a zero balance so I paid my bill in the store. After figuring out the total cost (all fees, taxes, equipment and surcharges included) my bill was suppsoed to be $111.62 and due on the 1st of every month yet every person I talk to {edited for word filter evasion} lies to me incessantly. For 7 months I have tried to get my due date changed to the 1st of the month and they always claim it will be changed and it never is. I am a graduate student and get paid one time a month (on the 1st) which I have incessantly told every customer service person I've talked to.

So, yet again I get a bill on the 20th of the month stating that my due date is the 25th contrary to what the mentally deficient primate in the AT&T store told me so my phone is shut off on 06/30/2014 and yet another reconnect fee is charged. Let me not forget that my bill was not $111.62 like the little mentally torpor primate claimed it would be, no, it as almost $200.00. So, I have to call yet again and after talking to 12 people (most of which simply hung up on me) I finally talked to someone that claimed to alledgedly "fix" my account, restore my service, and deal with the reconnect fees, late fees and fix my bill "due date." She claimed that i would then get my bill due date on the 1st of August and I wouldn't have this problem ever again and my next bill should be, you guessed it, $111.62.


Of course today 07/20/2014 I get a bill with a due date of, you guessed it, the 25th of July and yet again I have some weird bill that is $197.42. Clearly July 25th is not August 1st and $197.42 is clearly not the $111.62 that two agents that claimed to "fix my account" said it would be. It's outright deception, lies and GARBAGE every single month over and OVER AGAIN I am forced to call again because it's the same problem the mentally deficient primates that work for AT&T cannot seem to fix so they just "claim" it's fixed so I have to deal with more GARBAGE! The biggest mistake I ever made was leaving a cellular carrier that had my due date on the 1st of the month and I never had any problems with them, EVER!

Then today 07/20/214 I talked to 7 agents having to "re-explain" the situation to all seven of them then they wonder WHY I am so ANGRY? Are you serious? Yet again they "claim" my new billing DUE DATE will be 09/01/2014 but instead of addressing my bill after being on the phone for over two hours they hung up on me yet again! WHAT THE {edited for word filter evasion} IF YOUR PROBLEM? I have no desire to be cordial with you mentally torpor primates that cannot get stuff right, lie, decieve and make a host of mendacious claims when it's all {edited for word filter evasion} LIES then MORE LIES. Does anyone at your corporation know how to tell the truth or be honest? SERIOUSLY? IS THERE ANYONE IN YOUR BUSINESS THAT CAN TELL THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE? This is down right criminal, causing emotional distress and making me angry! I am going to have to file a formal AT&T— Notice of Dispute over this GARBAGE. LIARS, LIARS, LIARS!




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7 y ago

Personally i think the biggest problem is that each thing ie (Uverse, phones, and that security thing) are all seperate entity's. Its freaking irritating that if i go to a AT&T store i have/ or they have to call the 1-800 number to make changes, or look up stuff on my Uverse. One thing i will recommend is when you go to the store, ask for the senior customer service guy/gal. Its not actually a thing, i believe. But they get a bunch of new people working there all the time who don't know what they are talking about. Find someone who's been there a while, it makes things much easier. They know how to get things done, and are less likily to lie because they don't know the answer.


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7 y ago

I would recommend you send a private message to AT&T Customer Care using the link below.

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