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Saturday, December 10th, 2022 5:56 PM

What happens with my promotional trade-in bill credits if I exchange my phone through Apple?

I would like to go through ATT's promotional trade-in to begin a 36-month installment plan to upgrade to the iPhone 14. In about a year, when the iPhone 15 comes out, can I trade-in this iPhone 14 through Apple's iPhone trade-in program and simply swap the sim cards to the new phone without breaking the active installment plan and continue receiving the monthly credits from the original trade-in? Can I do this without ATT Next-Up and simply continue paying off the iPhone 14 installment while using the sim in the iPhone 15?

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1 year ago

You can purchase a new phone through apple as long as AT&T is not involved. That means no AT&T upgrade. You would have to buy at full price through Apple, or use apples Apple credit card to buy the phone. As for the phone you purchase through at&t, it's yours to do with you wish as long as you continue paying your installment and don't upgrade through AT&T your credits will continue.

FYI the process of swapping esim is available now that physical SIM cards are no longer available.

If you upgrade through AT&T in any way whether it's through apple or directly with at&t, or with best buy, and begin a new installment with AT&T on the same line you will lose any future credits on your existing phone. You will be required to turn in your previous phone if you are signed up for next up. And the 50% Mark is at 18 months, not 12.


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