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Tue, Mar 20, 2012 2:21 AM

What does PTA stand for on my billing statement?

What does pta mean on my bill under texts?






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6 years ago

107.44 mg??? what is "mg"? Mega Gigs? If you meant to say "mb" which stands for mega bits, then that is actually typical usage for someone who uses data often. In 1GB there is 1,024 MB; so at that rate you would need around 4-6GB to be on the safe side.




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6 years ago

@jimiaikey wrote:

pta is a huge phantom data case pending. they have sent me a new phone. master reset. shut off data. be in wifi erase all apps. its noy.gonna work alk u do is google it.  they keep paying my overage charges. engineer.involved in case put atnt smart phone on his table at his house. didnt add any apps or.use phone and it.incurred 35 diff. data charges. do not let anyone tell u its sumthin atuupdating or its this or that. its def. not. 


finally got them to admit it had nothing to do with me today and that they have no idea what it is to.fix it. the latter was not truthful. they have been dealing with this for years and have made millions and millions of dollars off this. they have settled many cases "quietly" . good luck and do not pay for any data overages.


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Never heard of this pta outside of the tla for parents teachers association or the The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, or LTE usage where is this supposedly pending

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