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Fri, Apr 10, 2020 2:15 AM

Very poor to no signal, even worse customer service

For a month now, we've had extremely poor signal/service from our home. There's been no change on our end to provoke it. I've called twice regarding this, but there's been no change. Calls are getting dropped, and if they're not, the other end can't tell what we are saying because they are getting just a small broken-up portion of what we are saying. What's even worse, you have consistently charged me more than $100 more per month than I was sold. When I purchased my new phones, the salesman confirmed that "the VERY most" I would pay is $265/month. AND he put that in writing...but still no change. In fact, on several occasions I called in about that too, and still you have done nothing, showing no customer care whatsoever. Never mind that I've been a customer for 20 years, that kind of lack of customer care is never acceptable, and I am no longer interested in overpaying and getting under-delivered.


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8 months ago

Hello, @wmcollins89,


Thank you for reaching out. You can directly report dropped calls and connectivity issues with the AT&T Mark the Spot app. This can also keep you informed on known service issues and  upcoming wireless infrastructure improvements.


To look over your bill and see what can be done, please go to the Contact AT&T Wireless page and scroll down to chat with us.


Have a great weekend.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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