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Need help understanding your bill?
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Thursday, February 29th, 2024 4:18 AM

Urgent Discussion: Addressing Overcharges & Seeking Accountability in AT&T Service

Dear AT&T Community,

I'm reaching out with a heavy heart and a sense of urgency to share my prolonged struggle with billing discrepancies that have significantly impacted my account and trust in AT&T's customer service. Over the past four years, I've been navigating what appear to be thousands of dollars in overcharges on a plan that originally included 9 lines. The gravity of the situation led me to make the difficult decision to cancel 7 of these lines upon discovering these overcharges.

My attempts to resolve this issue have been met with profound challenges. Despite engaging in over 15 lengthy calls with customer service, not only have I felt a deep sense of disrespect, but I've also faced a bewildering lack of follow-through. Each time, I was left with promises unkept, with no cases opened on my behalf—further confirmed by the absence of any notes or records in my account regarding these issues.

This experience compels me to question the transparency and accountability of our interactions with customer service. It raises critical concerns about how we, as valued customers, are supported and heard.

I am reaching out to this community not just to share my story but to ask for your guidance and collective wisdom. Have any of you experienced similar issues with billing or customer service? How did you navigate these challenges, and what steps can we take together to advocate for greater accountability and transparency from AT&T?

Your insights, stories, and advice are invaluable. By sharing our experiences, perhaps we can foster a constructive dialogue that leads to real change and improvements in how AT&T engages with and supports its customers.

Thank you for listening and for any advice you can offer.

ACE - Sage


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3 months ago

So in other words I nailed it.  

It's your responsibility to read your bill.   It's your responsibility to decide if your bill and services are still adequate for your needs.    Which finally you did and AT&T already gave you a credit.   AT&T does not owe you for 4 years.

    It sounds like $400 is more than sufficient credit for 6 months.  Anything older than 6 months is on you.  

   If that is supposed to be news to other customers, it's not.   

   You think you're the first person who hasn't read their bill in years because "it was on auto-paying paperless", you aren't.  

    Does that make it the service providers responsibility? No, it doesn't


    Neglecting to review bills for several years does not make you look like a very good business person. I wouldn't publish that on LinkedIn.  

ACE - Expert


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3 months ago


I am a customer like yourself. My 'role' as an ACE just means I am one who has given many solutions and accurate guidance, so have been designated a reliable source of information. This is something I do on my own time voluntarily.

Not jumping to any conclusions. Was only pointing out that your opening post didn't provide any tangible information and was rather vague. Though looking for advice and guidance, to somehow collectively influence AT&T, yet expect no resolution seemed like a contradiction to me. We do want to help. But to do so specific details about the facts works, not so much the extra fluff.

We do not always go to a BBB complaint. That is suggested when either you have failed to resolve over the phone after a reasonable number of attempts (which I say 15 passed that by a wide margin), a unique situation where we wouldn't expect normal support to handle, or for those that have had an issue with a 3rd party Authorized Retailer who AT&T does not oversee.

Personally I put no stock in how many followers one has. Too often it comes off as bragging and is not a tangible factor to affect someone's account (business or residential).

Started on an old plan, but a new and better one was marketed later. The big questions would be if you requested to change the plan (since you don't get automatically moved to a new one), and if they had that option or if it required canceling and starting over. A $400 credit is not proof of an issue as that could have been a one-time credit as courtesy instead of for a billing error.

Long hold times is unfortunately common, especially since the pandemic. They haven't recovered staffing to a good level yet. With all the work from home, or other temporary solutions, people are less likely to look into working at a call center. As for consistent hang-ups, unless you are being rather volatile over the phone that is unusual. Once or twice maybe, but often would be against the odds.

At over 15 calls that has exhausted the chance through customer support. With that the lack of proper notes, inconsistent communication compared to what has been done, and the multiple hang-ups, that makes a BBB complaint the needed step. This ends up at the Office of the President, usually resulting in contact back within a few business days. Your situation is just beyond the scope of regular support, so you need upper management's eyes on at this point. They are the ones to either resolve it at this point or give you the final answer on the situation.

One key point to be aware of is that it is the customer's responsibility to read the bill and be aware of amount and what it is for. This is regardless of how many hats one may be wearing. A point I make clear to everyone is that autopay and/or paperless billing is never an excuse to be ignorant of your own bill. If there is a billing concern, not just you realize later a better option has come out, it has to be brought up in a reasonable time. For many companies that is 60-90 days, though AT&T may go up to 6 months. Outside of that the company (AT&T in this case) has no obligation to credit anything, regardless of any  prior errors agents might confirm.

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