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Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 2:49 AM

Trade in scam

We had internet problems at home they sent a technician to my house and another guy came with him.  I asked why he was here he said to make sure everything was right with the technician.  One think led to another he convinced us the switch to Att.  I was to get 5 new Apple 14 phones we paid extra to get the pro version for 36 mths contract for free no activation fees and service mthly fees 135.00 tax included.   We got the phones in the mail said I change my mind did not want to trade in my phones too new and they where almost paid off. The guy said no problem I can take any phone get every month you will see charge and credit for the phones I ll come pick up the trade ins he never came. My first bill was 862.00 I look at the bill 35.00 activation fee for each line, monthly fee for each line of 55.00 that’s 275.00 mth for service a month a charge for 45.00 and 19.00 for I insurance I never requested. I have tried to reach my sales guy and his supervisor at the warehouse cause that’s where he works. Asking him to fix this they are clearly ignoring my text. Cust serv has only been able to change rate to 40.00 per line that’s still 200.00 per mth I was paying 140.00 with Verizon waive the ins fees. Cust service cannot verify what I am telling them cause the guy did e mail a copy of the contract and now they said over 30 days can’t take trade in.   I called the sales person several times to pick up the phones. My last text says I guys you don’t want to pick up the phones. He is ignoring me. Customer Service said they had another customer go thru the same thing but she dod not know how it was resolved. Has anyone experienced this how did you get it fixed.  I have been able to reduce my bill to 530.00. I hate the service at ATT we have constant problems. I called 2 days before the 30 day customer service guarantee to cancel the service and return everything they said No I have a 36 mths contract.

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1 year ago

Not a scam. But if you didn't follow the promotional requirements, you aren't going to benefit as much as expected on trade ins.  And in your case, no trade-in means you're paying for all the phones.

The guy said no problem I can take any phone get every month you will see charge and credit for the phones

In order to get the full amount credited against your new installments, you had to trade in a phone that had a book value of $230 or more. If you traded in really old phones, or Androids, or broken phones, they may not have qualified for the full credit amount which means you could have gotten a reduced credit of $350 over 36 months, or a one-time credit for book value for a phone that valued under the threshold required.

(He said he would) come pick up the trade ins he never came.

If You never traded in old phones then you're not going to get credits for trade in. It's that simple. You could have contacted AT&T to trade in at a corporate store or buy mail.  You didn't need him.  For all you know he no longer works for AT&T, which is very likely.

You had 30 days.

monthly fee for each line of 55.00

(See photo). If each line was charged at $55 that would indicate you are on the premium plan and have not signed up for AutoPay and paperless billing.  Autopay and paperless billing applies it $10 credit on each phone line. Five lines on premium with auto-pay and paperless is $45 a piece.  You are not required to be on the premium plan. You could drop all three lines to the starter plan which is probably what the original quote was for. The prices in that photo Do not include the 25% off you get for being an internet customer.  

Premium 5 * 45 = 225 less 25% = 168.75

Starter 5 * 30 = 150 less 25% = 112.5 

   Are you getting 25% off your entire plan?  

It's a mix plan, you can put each of your five lines on any of the three plans that's listed in the photo below. For example I have two members of my plan who hardly use any data so I put them on the lowest tier.  

Unless you need 50 GB of hotspot, there's no reason not to switch all five lines to lower tiers.

   Please note the photo again below already a considers you have auto pay and paperless billing. If you don't you are paying $10 more for each line then you should be. This is the business model all three carriers are using now in order to get people to sign up for auto pay and paperless billing. You still should read your bill every month.

Insurance and next up are not required They can of course be removed at any time. If you wish for credits for previous charges you will have to call to have them removed and credit applied

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1 year ago

I guess you don’t get it.  He told he was from home service department and he was going to come activate my phones and pick up the new one. He said the stores did not handle this. I have his messages to confirm this. So I followed the requirements and instructions given to me by the sales person. Also he said I needed to turn in iphone or galaxy 8 and above in working order. He never told me they needed to have a specific value. I also have a text confirmation of this. 
In regards to monthly rates he never pulled out a chart with available rates or told me there was a 25% discount. He asked what I paid with virozen and said I can get your bill to be xxx per month.  
So I did what I was instructed to do I have all this in written.  Yes I did call ATT in regards to this and they tried calling the employee as well as his supervisor and they do not answer my calls or theirs.  What I found out from customer service is that they are 3rd parties of ATT sales people. So if they send a tech to your house they send a sales person who lies and tells you they are there to make sure the tech is doing a good job and you are satisfied.  Also I can’t get into my acct online neither can customer service because they said my account was not setup right. They said it’s not complete on the system. Yes the employe and the supervisor still work there because I have been sending text msges and I see they read it. Finally where are the copies of the contracts I signed via DocuSign. I did not get copies.    So they are scammers they tell you things you follow the instructions and they lie.  I guess FCC will have to look into this as well as the text messages I received from the sales person. Honestly they can’t take their phones back the service has continuous interruptions.  By the way the customer serv rep said she had other cases like mine and they where referred to upper management she did not know the final outcome. 

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1 year ago

Hello @blanca_bzuniga67. This isn't how we wanted your experience with our in-home experts to go. We understand the importance of a correct bill and will be happy to look into this.


To take a further look into your bill we will need to meet in a DM. For you to find our conversation check at the upper right  hand of the screen to locate the message icon.


In the meantime please gather your account information as we need to authenticate your account.


Just a friendly reminder look out for a message soon.


Brittany, AT&T Community Forums Specialist


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