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Wed, Sep 12, 2018 3:29 PM

Terrible Customer Service Agent - LIED TO ME

I am being bullied into paying for things I should not pay for. A year ago my little sister was in my plan she thought she misplaced her phone at school but one of the security guards  had it and returned it to her. Before she found the phone I called the insurance company and ordered a new phone. They said it would arrive within the next two days. The phone ended up coming the next day and she found the original phone that evening so we returned the phone to the insurance company the same day. I called the insurance company and att to let them know they phone was on it’s way back to them they said it would take 3 billing cycles for the charge of the phone to come off which was $345. I called back att and ask if I had to pay for the phone if I sent it back and the agent told me then Some months later I fell behind my bill $100 and went into the store to pay my bill and was told i had to pay for the phone I already sent back(months ago) I had to pay my past due balance and some other fees. I explained to them what I was told and the whole situation and they said nothing could be done unless I paid for everything. My phone was suspended because I didn’t have $600 to give them and then I received a bill next month for $979 for phone service I didn’t use, data I didn’t use, overage fees on data I didn’t use, the phone I sent back, late fees, suspension fees, and other fees. I called back att and everyone I speak to pretends I am speaking some unknown language.


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2 years ago

Hello @Sakiema,

This is an experience we definitely don't want our customers to face. We hate to hear that your billing wasn't corrected while you returned the device. Please allow us to look into this here, so we can get to the bottom of this issue. I will be sending you a private message shortly. Make sure to check your forums inbox, located in the top right corner of your page. We look forward to speaking with you about this scenario!

Collin, AT&T Community Specialist

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