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Saturday, June 10th, 2023 3:02 AM

Teacher discount

My name is Lisa Smith.  I went to the AT&T store and upgraded my phone on May 7, 2023.  While doing so the ATT sales representative explained to us that it would actually be a better discount for us to use my Teacher Discount than his Retired employee discount.  The discount itself was larger for the retiree discount (30%), but the teacher discount (25% + $10 off per line for autopay) would be more in total.  This required us to move the account in to my name which we did.  He explained that he would add the discount and then send me a link to upload my documentation.  He filled in the information for me, found where I worked, filled out that information and had the link sent to me for upload.   I went home and uploaded my documentation.  I uploaded both my State of Mississippi teaching license, my company ID with my name on it, and my business card that has my name, my company and the cell number that is on the account in discussion.  It was sent back due to the reason DOCUMENT_UNSUPPORTED. I tried it several other times to see if it was possibly an issue with my upload. To me this looked like it might be a file issue, so I called ATT and spoke with an agent.  She stated the discount was there and that she wouldn’t think it would be removed.  So, I just waited.  When 14 days were up I received the email that the discount would be removed as documentation had not been provided.  I called AT&T and spoke with another agent.  This time they said that they would reinstate the 14 days and send another link for me to upload and if that didn’t work I could take my documents to the AT&T store.  I tried to upload again.  (several times) Got an email that stated it didn’t work.  I went to the store and they uploaded the documentation.  I received the email again and called AT&T again.  This agent stated that he felt like that I had uploaded it several times and that probably one of those that were uploaded actually took.  So….I waited around and received the email that it wasn’t accepted for whatever reasoning. I went back to the store and they made another attempt to upload my documentations. (2nd attempt from the store….which is 45-60 minutes from my house) I called AT&T back and spoke with a gentleman who went in and cleared out all my “extra” attempts and had it fixed he said.  He sent me a text message that stated, “We completed our request for completing your FAN enrollment.  You may check your account at: “.   I told him that really didn’t say that the discount had been permenantly added so he reworded the text and send it again. “We completed your request for the confirmation of the FAN discount to be permenant.  You may check you account at: “.  I thanked him greatly because this had been ongoing for a month.  This morning (6/9 at 9:00 a.m) I received an email that stated that I had not provided documentation and that the discount would be removed.  I called AT&T again.  This person sent the information to the “team” and had me speak with a manager, Ashley.  We talked and she stated that the reason that it was not being accepted was that my email, [email scrubbed] was not a school email address.  I explained that I was an independent contractor (teacher) that worked with several different lower-performing schools in Mississippi and not with one single one.  I do have an email with one of the schools that I work with and I provided her with that one.  She said she would send the link to me and that it would go through then.  I asked her which email it would be sent to my lisasmithkidsfirst, [email scrubbed], or [email scrubbed] (one associated with my account).  She stated the last email was the one that it would be sent to.  NO it wasn’t sent to that one and she hung up before the call was completed.  I finally found it in the [email scrubbed] account and uploaded the teacher license from that email AGAIN!  I received the email that stated that my documentation didn’t meet the required documentation (even though the link specificially stated that I was to upload ONE of the following….1) paystub 2) ID 3) affidavit or 4) teaching license.  I called AT&T back again and the lady that I spoke with said that we were going to remove the discount and she would walk me through it and that it should work. 

 She had been doing this for some 20 years and this way had the best results.  We walked through and uploaded the documentation and at 3:24 p.m. I received the email that stated that they had received my documentation, at  3:26 p.m I received an email that stated that they couldn’t approved my eligibility because my documentation doesn’t meet documentation requirements (my teacher license….what it stated I could upload).  I received this same email again at 3:32 p.m. because I am sure that I tried to upload again from the 3:26 p.m. email.  I called AT&T again.  I spoke with another agent who noted everything on my account (as has every single agent I have spoken with) and told me to wait until Monday 6/12 and we would go from there.  I am just trying to explain to someone that there has to be someone who could help this situation and not just say, “I think we have it fixed”.   I have been told that numerous times erroneously.  I have asked for phone numbers to call back to the person I have dealt with so that I am not starting over each time I call and I was told that was impossible.  I have asked to speak directly to the department who is looking at the documentation and/or approving the documentation to determine what the issue is and was told that was impossible.  I have provided what AT&T asked for and was denied.  I need to know who to talk to, who to call, what can be done.  This should not be this difficult and by no means does ANYONE want to impersonate a teacher even for a discount.  This entire process was started as a suggestion from the AT&T sales rep.  I need answers. I need help.  I need one contact so that my terrible situation isn’t relived each time I call which seems to be daily lately.  I need a customer advocate.  My husband is a retiree and we have spent 27 years with AT&T while he was employed and about ten more prior to that.  Both of our families were loyal BellSouth and South Central Bell customers and his parents even BellSouth/Sout Central Bell employees.  This is a nightmare.  I am asking for assistance.  I plan on sending this email to any and every email address I can find on the AT&T webpage in hopes of getting some assistance.
Lisa H. Smith

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4 months ago

Get all of your documentation in order and file a complaint with the BBB. Those get automatically forwarded to AT&T Corporate and someone from the Office of the President will contact. That is as high as you can go in AT&T for complaint resolution. They have the authority to handle complaints like this and they may be able to find a resolution for you.

Sending out emails is not advisable. I realize that you are angry but spamming lots of folks who have nothing to do with this is not a good idea, and it won't get you a resolution. 

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