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Need help understanding your bill?
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Monday, July 6th, 2015 6:11 PM

Teacher Discount

Over a year ago I switched to AT&T Wireless and was told as a public school teacher I would receive a monthly discount on my bills. The day I signed up for service I filled out a form, provided a copy of a pay stub, and my work email and was told I was all set and that it may take a billing cycle for the discounts to start showing up. This discount was going to prevent me from paying more each month with AT&T. It was now been a year and multiple visits to stores and messages sent with no resolution and no problem. I have now been paying the full price each month for over a year and feel very unsatisfied and taken advantage of. At this point I can't wait to be able to cancel my services with AT&T for their unwillingness to provide discounts promised and unwillingness to right a wrong after over a year. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

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8 years ago

Hi there! @ash.nanay  thanks for posting your concerns.


I’m so sorry to hear you have not gotten your account discount. So I can further assist you, please private message me by clicking here and provide your name and a good contact number.


We will contact you within two business days.







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7 years ago

I have been grandfather in to at&t since 1998.  Maybe, much further than thatg.  But, I have just heard from a fellow teacher that at&t offer discount.  So, I called today, 7-11-16 and asked about it.  Typical business practices of at&t, "sorry, sir but I can't help you with that I have to send you, transfer you, text you, or reference you, because that discount isn't provided by at&t."  What can of business practices is going on with at&t?  You guys really need to talk to your board.  These 611 operators aren't working.  I have been loyal to at&t and I should have been told and or offered a teachers discount.  I have been teaching in four different states over 30 years and have been with at&t for many of those years not once have I heard of a teacher's discount.  How sad: at&t please work to render better customer services you guys are a wonderful company and offer a much needed service but we as customers need better services and truthful products that are at a fair marketed values. Thanls 

Gary L

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7 years ago

@ash.nanay and @jfmadlock


Check your work e-mail address here

(although as an educator, it never worked with my address).


It might also be easier if you talk to someone else at work who has the discount and get their FAN number from them (it should be on the bill in the top right corner of the page).  


Do NOT tell AT&T when you call that you want a 'teacher discount', tell them you want their FAN discount; it might help if you have the name of the group with the discount in addition to the number (I can't see this on the bill but I do see it at the top of the screen when I log in) mine is the name of our county consortium not my school district and it's abbreviated in such a way that school or education do not even appear in the name of it (it does have "SCH" but they'd never find it if they searched for it in the computer).


Other FAN info here!/wireless/KM1001048


When solved / helped, please mark your question as solved by clicking "Accept solution". This helps other people to find an answer more quickly.

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2 years ago


Yes, I too have just discovered that I was not receiving the discount I believed I was already receiving.  My husband and I have been loyal customers with att for 20+years just added two more lines convincing my parents to switch from Verizon to att— my husband and I are both teachers —-As well as, the one parent. As I am looking into my account I notice no teacher discount. No problem I am thinking, just call and they will make the adjustment — easy breezy. Right? Nope, to my surprise I am being told that the discount only applies to some plans. Yeah I say, like mine when I took it. They say nope — I see here not your plan. Wow really. It just happens to be my plan never was receiving the credit? Who knew. But of course they share how they have all these new plans that just happens to give the awesomest of teacher discounts. Yep. And so it went.

But I explained that I have always been informed when I upgraded my phone that the teacher discount has been applied. Now I am being told that my plan a grandfathered plan ATT Plus Unlimited Plan does not qualify for the discount, never had. Really? That’s not what I knew or expected.  Yet when you google teacher discount with att you get this—- it says ‘any unlimited plan’. This is extremely misleading. Go ahead Google it. Okay I put it here for you. 

Check this out: 
From the website: “The AT&T teacher discount gives educators and their families AT&T’s best price on any unlimited wireless plan. For example, this can add up to savings of $600/year on the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan for 4 lines. The discount exists to honor educators and their families for the positive differences they make in their communities.” 

Please beware. Really read it... it says “any plan.” It’s a period. Then it says for example, you can save ... —- it does not say it has to be that plan — it’s an example of how much you can save with that plan should you choose it if many or any. But at the front of this description it says “any plan”. Very misleading to loyal customers. Because what it doesn’t say, is that the highly publicized honorary discount of appreciation for teachers and heroes does not apply to older loyal customers w/ grandfathered plans. Also, please note how much they value really value us—- You frequently see the new Lily commercial and hear how att values both loyal and new customers.  But Lily leaves out how it’s really only the new customers or old customers willing to leave their current grandfathered plans receiving the 25% teacher discount, better than the 15% I thought I was always receiving in honor of my service. And that could still be of value. I would even take my 15%. But not even that—- I don’t get any, discount and never had. Ha the joke was on me. I ask you what is your value att? Why should we honor you as loyal customers when you obviously present yourself to honor heroes and educators but really do not. At least be honest att. Really you should remove those commercials based on the fact that you’re misleading consumers to believing you are a company for the people as you say, “The discount exists to honor educators and their families for the positive differences they make in their communities.” Really att?  Please please stop presenting yourself as a billion dollar company that truly cares or works for the people or the average teacher. You don’t. And as far as loyalty—- do you really know what loyalty is? Because if you did — you’d consider truly honoring teachers and heroes by giving the teacher discount as a true sincere gesture in honoring us—without hidden, and purposeful ambiguous language and excuses for you misleading those you claim to appreciate honor and support. AT&T please. 

But check this out. 

Also see below—- it says the att unlimited Plus Plans (which is what I have) does qualify for the teacher discount. But I am being told my plan does not qualify for my so called ‘honorary’ discount for appreciation and service. Thank you for denying me my discount for a plan that is stated below as qualifying. Again, all varying confusing 9+ hours and 10 days of mixed messages. Oh and a lot of “I am sorry, I understand, and I am really trying to help you.” How about stop trying to help and actually do something to support your teachers. Teacher discounts should solely be based on service not plan. Otherwise it’s not a discount it is a carrot on a stick— with another carrot on another stick... and and... Yep that’s how it feels— Thanks a lot Att. 

See how my Plus Plan does not qualify —- but says it does??? Is it me? 

Discount summary
  1. Discount only available on the AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSM & AT&T Unlimited PlusSM plans.
  2. Discount requires individual's enrollment in the AT&T Signature Program from a select group of sponsoring organizations.
  3. Discount will be applied to the qualified monthly plan charge only.

I hope this helps some of my fellow teachers out there. Ask before you go forward— what plans qualify? What %? And make sure you get it in writing. Bc your plan too will become an old plan snd suddenly lose the credit if you can’t show you had it. You will hear “we cannot get info on that plan anymore bc it doesn’t exist” and so on. But they will always be able to say that it doesn’t qualify. Go figure. I guess that’s just my luck —- it just happens to be only my plan doesn’t qualify—- Oh but it does. Or does it? Oh well. I will be evaluating my 20+ years of loyalty ... Because of all the discounts —-ATT—- you should never discount the true valuable service of a teacher. Shame on you. Yes I said it. Happy Holidays —- Everyone stay safe. 

W/ questionable loyalty, (for now) 

Mrs. JBro

Source of my cut and paste below. 

RE:Plus Unlimited Plan is eligible. And therefore I should receive. › support › article › w...
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