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Sun, Aug 16, 2020 10:26 AM

Talked to 8 reps, no resolution, falsified notes on my account

On 5/26/20 my sister meant to FaceTime my mom, who in the midst of the Coronavirus emergency, is stranded in Venezuela. She mistakenly made 2 phone calls instead of using data, which showed up as a $200 additional charge on my account. I called AT&T and rep #1 said the charges would be waived, but that I had to call back the following month. The reason my sister made this error was because she was having cognitive problems due to a very aggressive Multiple Sclerosis flare up that left her hospitalized for a week. I flew down from PA to TX in the middle of June. On a July 1 first I call AT&T back and rep #2 tells me that rep #1 should’ve applied an international plan to my bill right away. I question why, in the middle of a pandemic and a family crisis, someone would tell me to call back again to have fees waived, and now I’m being given a different response, that the fees won’t be waived and it’ll be about $10 now, which if presented back in May, would’ve resolved everything and none of this would’ve escalated. I asked for a manager to call me back. This manager never called me, but apparently he put down on the notes that he had contact with me on July 2. He falsified notes. Another month goes by, no fix on my account, no call back, so I call again. I explain the situation to rep #3 Regina, who I also suspect falsified notes, doesn’t understand why I’m upset while I’m on call number 3 and I never received a call from a manager. Really bad attitude, has no business being in a customer service position. Now she’s saying I have to pay half of the charges. I explain to her that made no sense, that rep #2 said that he would apply an international plan, which she didn’t even considered, then she says it’s $15. At this point I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m being given different information every time I call. I ask for a manager, I’m told this person would call back. Lies. I waited another month, nothing happened. I talk to rep # 4 on 8/4/20, she says she’ll submit a ticket to have an adjustment applied and that I would get an email with a response by the following Wednesday. By Friday, of course, I had no email. Now I’m on the phone with rep # 5 who tells me the ticket was rejected and the charge reversed back to $200. At this point I’m beyond frustrated. I’ve been a customer for 10+ years, always pay on time, in auto pay, and now when I need help in a moment of crisis, I get no accountability from these reaps for the way this has been handled. I’ve been disrespected and gaslighted. I went into the store, and now rep #6 says he’s sorry and to call customer service back and talk to “retention” I do that, and rep #7 has as much of a bad attitude as rep # 3, and starts reading the notes back to rather than listen to what I’m saying. I asked to speak to a manager immediately if he can’t help. Finally, I get a manager on the line, rep #8 who tells me all of this is my fault and that the best he can do is give me a $5 discount on my bill for the next 6 months. This entire scenario, as I’m dealing with my family being separated in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis and a family/health crisis with my sister being bed bound right now, triggered an anxiety attack for me as it brought up past abuse in which I was gaslighted all while doing my best to take care of my family while maintaining a full time job. These are the moments of truth when as customers we expect more from the companies we give our business to. Does AT&T really care?




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@lizdance40  🤦



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1.   Doesn’t matter why the original $200 was run up, it was a valid charge.  Still is.   Call from the USA to another country is long distance and $3 per minute. 
2.   Reps have limited resources to do courtesy credits.   Especially for valid charges. 
3.   Large credits requested for valid charges may be denied.  

4.   From what I can tell, the first rep added a roaming plan at $10 per day.  That does not cover long distance charges.
5.   In July it seems another rep added a long distance plan at $15 per month.  That covers calls from a US number to a non US number.  Too late.  Charges can’t be back dated to a prior bill.  
Glad you’re working and earning.  

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