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Need help understanding your bill?

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 8:16 AM

Still being charged for a full month after cancelling

I had 3 lines with AT&T Small Business from May 2016 to December 2020. My account is located in California. I was planning on switching over to T-Mobile so I called AT&T multiple times to cancel my account prior to my billing cycle ending on December 2, 2020. I could not get anyone to talk to! 

Dec 1 - I went to my local AT&T store to see if they could help. I was told that they can't cancel accounts in store and I would have to call. I mentioned that I am switching over to T-Mobile the following day and asked what would happen if I end up cancelling my account after my billing cycle ends on the 2nd. He said that my bill would get prorated for the days my account is active. 

Dec 2 - I went to T-Mobile, got 3 new phones and ported over 2 out of 3 numbers, effectively removing the 2 lines from my AT&T account. Later that night, I logged into my AT&T account to remove my credit card from autopay. I also see that there is only 1 number left in the account.

Dec 4 - My daughter (in the east coast) went to T-Mobile, got a new phone and ported out her AT&T number.

**At this point I am expecting to receive a bill reflecting a prorated charge for the 2 days my daughter’s number was still active on my AT&T account, based on what I was told.

Within the next week I receive a bill issued on Dec 2 for $188.46. This bill was for Dec 3-Jan 2 service and only included the 1 line that was active until Dec 4th. My monthly bill has been $210.11 (with 3 lines) for the last couple of month prior. Now I understand that the bill was issued prior to the line getting disconnected so I thought that the bill just didn’t reflect the updated prorated balance. 

Dec 14 - I call customer service and spoke with Glendale. I told her the whole story and she claimed that my bill of $188.46 was for the previous month’s service (Nov 3-Dec 2). I told her I am fully paid for that month and the bill I was talking about clearly says Dec 3-Jan 2. I ask to speak to a manager but Glendale just offered to lower the bill to $90 but I felt that wasn’t right because the line was only active for two days, and I was told that I would only pay for 2 days worth of service.

Dec 19 - I visited the AT&T store to see what they can do. I brought all my bills from the last few months and the current bill of $188.46. They reviewed my documents, said that AT&T bills in advance, and they agreed that I shouldn’t be charged $188.46 for Dec 3 - Jan 2. They said I need to call again and say that my bill should be prorated to reflect only charges for Dec 2 - Dec 4.   

Dec 23 - My credit card is charged the $188.46 through autopay even after I removed it. I disputed charge with credit card company and they credited my money back to me.  

Dec 29 - Called customer service again and got passed around for hours. I spoke with 3 different people only to repeatedly be told that my bill was for the previous month. NO IT'S NOT.

Sometime in early January - I called again and waited hours to get a call back. A man finally called me back and promptly HUNG UP ON ME after I said I had a question about my bill. (Edited per community guidelines)! 

Jan 22 - Tried calling again but couldn’t speak with anyone. 

Jan 27 - I received a letter from AT&T stating that my wireless service has been cancelled (don’t know how there is a service to cancel with NO LINES connected) and that my account will be referred to a third party collector if it remains unpaid. 

Every time I try to call I either get wrong information, get hung up on, or don’t get a call back. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m posting here hoping someone might be able to help.

I’ve done some research and I see that apparently AT&T doesn’t prorate. But WHY would SEVERAL AT&T employees tell me that they will prorate??? And why, from the numerous “customer service representatives” I spoke with over the phone, was the issue of prorating never brought up? I was only told that I was being charged for the previous month. I have NEVER been charged for the previous month. 

Is there a direct number I can call for someone who can actually help? I am tired of being on hold and transferred around for hours, only to be hung up on :( I just want to settle this before AT&T negatively impacts my credit.

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3 years ago

All you needed to do was go to T-Mobile and have them port your number which would have closed your At&T account. Final month is not prorated so you were misinformed

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3 years ago

@ATTHelp @ATTHelpForums 

PLEASE help me!


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3 years ago

I just spent an hour with a billing support agent and then supervisor to learn that only certain states get prorated final bills. In CA your bill is prorated accordingh to this supervior and he named several other states. In TX your bill is not. They referred me to  which doesn't exist. Self-serving and biased policy ATT. Not unexpected.

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