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Monday, March 16th, 2015 5:36 PM

Shocked at treatment after assumption of responsibility!

A bit of a long storey, but I find this absolutely rediculous. I have been a customer for 8 or 9 years now, and have always (until recently) had excellent customer service and nothing but good things to say. Turns out I had only been treated decently because my ex wife had the account in her name since before it was even AT&T.


Going into the assumption of responsibility process, I was told I would not have to pay a security deposit. That was the first lie. After it was too late I found out that there was in fact a large deposit being charged to my account. I spoke with several representatives before anyone could be bothered to even try to do anything for me. Was given a garuntee that the deposit would be waved. Lie number two right there. Eventually after many representatives and multiple managers I was finally able to get them to honor their own words and waive the deposit they told me I would not have to pay in the first place.


For personal reasons I had to take over 3 lines from the original account a few months earlier than my ex and I agreed upon, so money was a little tight during the first couple months. I simply asked if I could make an arrangement to pay one bill a little over a week from the due date, as I would have the money for the full payment by then. This should be no problem, and something that I have been able to do a dozen times in the past. Because I was a "new customer" though I was not permitted to make arrangements... even though I have been a customer for over 8 years.... Once again I talked to several reps and managers before one finally took the couple of minutes to look into the line history and saw how long I have been active for. He was actually very helpful and noted and placed a "dispute" on my account that would give me the time I needed plus another week or so. He promised me that my service would not be interupted before that date. This was not a lie, but a rep BELOW that manager removed the dispute and cut off my service. As insult to injury this happened literally while I was on my way home ready to make a payment once I got to my computer. 


As I was promised by a manager that I would not be suspended I did not feel that I should have to pay the reconnect fee. If I had not received that promise I would have swallowed my pride and borrowed money from a co-worker for the phone bill to avoid suspension. Once again I spent the better part of an afternoon on the phone with I don't know how many people. Finally after several voice mails I was able to get in contact with the manager who had made the promise. He found out what had happened, contacted the direct supervisor of the agent who removed the dispute to address that behavior, and credited the reconnect fee as he agreed that I should not have been charged. 


In January I finally got sick enough of my galaxy s3 and its constant issues that I bit the bullet and looked for a new phone. I was against using the "next" plan because I wanted to keep my bill the same (which I specifically told to both reps I talked to during this process) and not add an extra charge from the phone. Neither rep told me that once I upgraded with a 2 year contract, my monthy charge would increase. They knowingly let me complete my order under the impression that my bill was going to stay the same. Even when they did their script about the prorated charges and upgrade fee etc... no mention of the rate increase until two weeks after I activated the phone and received a TEXT MESSAGE that my rate had been increased.... too late to change my mind now...


Today I called in to make an arrangement to pay most of my current bill today and the small remainder on Friday when I get my check. I was told before that I was not able to make arrangements because my account was less than 6 months old (despite my 8 years of business), but I have passed that 6 month mark now...... except that suspension I should not have recieved basically reset the count from that date.... no one ever told me that before today..... 


....... WHAT HAPPENED AT&T?! What happened to the company I used to praise constantly and talk several people into switching to? 

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9 years ago

Hi @up_set_cust


I’m sorry to hear of the experience you have had since transferring the billing responsibility of your old account to a new account in your name. With regards to payment arrangements, it is correct that a suitable amount of time in ‘good standing’ must first be established before payment arrangements can be put in place. I’m afraid we are unable to carry over time from another account which was not under the same name. Upon completing the transfer of billing responsibility, the account is considered a new account, as it is establishing new credit with the company under the new name. The act of creating a dispute for the balance of your account will have been carried out by the manager as a courtesy but is not standard procedure.


I would also like to apologize for any lack of information regarding your recent upgrade. With Mobile Share Value, line costs vary depending on the commitment status of the line. For example:


AT&T Next, No Contract, Bring Your Own Phone = $25/month (or $15/month on 10GB plan or higher)

Standard Upgrade (2yr contract) = $40/month

Tablet = $10/month

Basic Phone, Laptop  = $20/month


AT&T Next would not increase your line cost, but would result in installment charges for the device itself. Purchasing a new device outright would keep your plan costs the same.


I hope this helps!


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