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Wed, Mar 11, 2015 9:06 PM


First off, I have been with AT&T for over 15 years and have followed them through many company changes and never thought about changing wireless service. That may just change.

Last night I was having problems with my Iphone 6 in "searching" mode and couldnt use my phone whatsoever so I used my son's phone to call in to make a payment. Normally I always use the mobile app to make my payments but my phone was out of commission. I called *729 from his phone and got the prompts to make a payment. In doing so, i proceeded to enter my credit card number but then it said it couldnt find it so it asked me again, but before I could do anything the automated voice said it was transferring me to a rep. And here we go.

I was connected to Juan (or John) in the Finance dept and told him what was going on. The first sign I knew this was going downhill is the fact that he was laughing. YES! Laughing. At what?? Who knows but yes, he was laughing, chuckling, giggling ... all the same. I overlooked that and proceeded with my question again about the payments and there it went again, the laughter! I didnt think my question was funny at all. All I wanted to do was make a payment. He proceeded to give me my options about making payments and that he could take my payment, but there would be a phone charge of $5. I said, “Really?!!” .... he then giggled .... AGAIN!!!! By this time I was pretty irritated that he kept giggling because I did not find anything to be funny at all!! With so many outsourcing going on, I asked him if he was contracted with AT&T and he said he was .........followed by yet more chuckling! OMG! Im heated by this time. I asked if he had a supervisor and for him to transfer me over ... he giggled again and said he did and would transfer me over.

I then got supervisor, Jennifer, who explained that the rep just transferred me to her without any explanation so I had to repeat everything. I wasnt upset with the phone charge, but what I was extremely upset with was the fact that the customer service rep did nothing but laugh at pretty much everything I asked him. I have never EVER had such rude service, not to mention the fact that I felt so disrespected with speaking to Juan. She then went into detail, after some researching and some assumptions of why I was transferred over to a live representative, as to what may have happened. Ok fine. All I wanted to do was make a payment. She also gave me my options of making a payment online, mobile application, going into the store and via phone but that would be a $5 charge. Um, after the first one made a mockery of me WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY THE PHONE CHARGE??? I understand service fee charges, but after the service I encountered you would think it would be waived as a courtesy. NOPE!!!! I insisted it be waived and after being put on hold for a minute, Jennifer said she would waive it. Sheesh.

What a joke. I have never felt so disrespected by a rep, ever. Looking into filing a higher complaint with the corporate office.



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6 y ago

Hi @adames119


I’m very sorry to hear of the interaction you had with one of our representatives. Behavior of this kind is not only unprofessional, but will not be tolerated.


Can you please send me a private message by Clicking Here and include the following information? I will look into this for you and ensure appropriate action is taken.


  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Cell number




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6 y ago

This must be common practice with these service reps laughing and giggling. I've had to call twice, and both reps are just laughing and giggling when your trying to explain a serious issue. Very unprofessional.

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