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Tue, Jul 31, 2018 11:41 PM

Ridiculous customer service

I traded in my phone in order to upgrade through the next program.  When I received my new phone there was no return in the box so I went to the local ATT store and they took the device from me.  I began getting notifications that the phone had not been received.  I called into ATT 6 times over 2 months and they assured me they had the phone and it was going to be fine.  I finally got a notice I was being charged $375.  I promptly called att AGAIN and was told the phone had not been received and there was nothing to be done.  I went back to the store and after spending 3 hours with the associate there and the manager, they found the phone in the managers office.  They printed off a return slip and returned the phone to ATT. 


A week later I called ATT to find out why the phone wasn't being shown as returned and they stated it would simply take time.  They advised me NOT to pay the $375 but instead to pay a portion of my bill.  Today, my phone was shipped back to me and I was told it cannot be accepted.  


This is beyond ridiculous. I have wasted over 12 hours dealing with this. Nobody will help me, nobody will correct this issue and nobody seems to know what to do.  I have spoken to 3 supervisors within ATT and none of them have helped in any real way or have offered to make this right.  


I now have this phone in my possession and have nothing to do with it along with a $375 charge. All because of the stores negligence.  I hope someone will read this and either a) fix this or b) realize that ATT is a crappy service and go to verizon.

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3 y ago

File a BBB complaint.  It probably should have been done the moment you found the phone wasn’t returned.  


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