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Mon, May 4, 2015 4:30 PM

Questions about billing cycle vs due date

Why is it that my bill is due the 6th of the month but my plan (data minutes) doesn't end until the 12th of the month?  I feel as though AT&T are hoping I don't notice this intentional move and therefore when I see that my bill was just paid that I am lured into believe that my 6 gig limit has now been reset.




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5 years ago

your bill is not due as soon as your billing period ends, it is usually a couple of weeks later. That bill you are paying is for LAST month's service, not the current service. Your billing period ends on the 6th. It takes AT&T a week or so to get the bills out. Then they give you time to pay the bill. by the time you pay the bill, it is almost time for the end of the next billing period.

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