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Sun, Aug 5, 2012 2:57 PM

Purchase Blocker

I am so angry. Feel like I have been swindled. I get a different answer from everyone I speak to. Bill goes higher each and every month without any change in data usage. Features are added without my  knowledge. I will be canceling as soon as possible.


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8 years ago

Add premium purchase blocker to your account. Customer service can do this and it is free.

Go to a corporate store and have them review your account. They should be able to remove any features put on by ATT, if there are 3rd party charges the blocker sill stop further charges just not credit charges already made.




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8 years ago

@guardmaam wrote:

I am so angry. Feel like I have been swindled. I get a different answer from everyone I speak to. Bill goes higher each and every month without any change in data usage. Features are added without my  knowledge. I will be canceling as soon as possible.

curious - what features are being added with out your knowledge. If you are talking about 3rd partry billing costs there is a simple way to stop those companies from tricking you into agreeing to their monthly reoccurring charges - put a purchase block on the phone line. As mentioned - what features are ebing added?



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2 years ago

Bait and Switch:

I went to a local AT&T store in Montgomery County, PA to upgrade my phone as I had cracked the screen and was due for an upgrade.  I spoke to a person at the store who proceeded to view my account and tell me he could save me money.  I was paying too much for my service and with the unlimited it would save me and I wouldn't have to worry about going over the limit, which did happen from time to time.  I had a 30G plan that was grandfathered so it wasn't available any longer and didn't want to switch but since he assured me it would be a savings I said I would think about it.  They needed to order the phone I wanted which was the Red 8plus.  I was told they would order it and it would come to my home or if available at another store they could pick it up and bring to their store.  I was then told they decided to have it sent to my home.  Several days later no phone, I called store and it was being picked up by one of the mangers and it should be there Monday. I went in to get the phone and no phone, it hadn't been picked up as of yet.  Called me to tell me the phone was at the store Tuesday, I went into the store again No phone, the manager picked the phone up but left it in his car and now he is gone.  Again called to come in and get the phone.  Another manager talks to me about changing plans and getting Direct TV while they are setting up the phone.  Low and behold it isn't the right phone, it is a Red 8.  I wanted the Red 8 plus.  Everyone again apologized, told me I would get these credits, plus a phone case for my issues an would call when the phone came in.  However, no case an it took 5/6 visits to the store to get the phone.  I should have ordered it online.  Finally got the phone and we had discussed plans and I was going to save so much.  Bill came in for the month of July at $603.00 which is not what we discussed.  I went into the store again and text the manager who was going to fix it and give me these credits, etc.  The bill went from $603.00 to $351.00 which I was told was due to changes in middle of the month and I would be getting additional credits owed to me the next month.  Also, at that time I was told the original person who told me $220.00 then $287.00 made a mistake somewhere because it was going to be $315.00 but it would be unlimited, etc.  This month the  bill is now $481.00.  Still nwhere near the $220.00/$287 and/or $315.00.  No one ever gives you the same answer.  I text the manager again and said I will come to the store and was told no need to do that, he would look into it.  This was after texting him several times with no response.  Going back and forth with him on text Now on Sunday he tells me there is no way we could have discussed the numbers I had.  As he couldn't get the bill lower than $400.00.  I told him I want my old plan back. He could give me a 10G plan and I said no we go over the 30G, why would I want 10G. On Wednesday, I received a text that he can't get the old plan back and he will have a resolution by Friday.  I texted that my bill is $481 and I don't want to have to pay that as it shouldn't be that high and if I don't pay all of it, it will be late and don't want phone turned off.  His response was to tell me what was still owed, as I had made a payment of $300.00.  Today is Friday, I have texted to see what resolution we have and no response.  I have called to get the phone number for the District Manager and they don't know it and don't know how to get it. Of course not.  I called another store in Quakertown, who told me that isn't how it works.  Its an escalation process, one manager works with a store manager and if the store manager thinks he needs to get a district manager involved he does.  

I need someone from corporate to discuss this issue and would like to have my service turned back to the original plan. 

I also turned in my jetpack because they said it was better to use the phone as a personal hotspot.  


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