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Thursday, February 13th, 2020 5:51 PM

Promised an iPhone at 50% off...almost 2 years later and multiple conversations with representatives, still no credit owed to me!!

On May 25th 2018, I did a chat online with AT&T regarding my cellular service plan. I was wanting to to double check that they would still honor the promotion that I had contacted them about a week prior even though we did not have Directv service. The representative replied that I would receive the 50% off of the phone as long as I add a new line even though I did not have directv. He also informed me that I can go to the nearest store with valid ID proof to do so, which I did.

Then, on Sept 7, 2018 I chatted in again because I was still being charged full price for the phone that should have been 50% off. She assured me that the credit would be reflected on my next bill.

On Sept 18, 2018 I chatted in again about still being charged full price for the phone and it not being on my most recent bill as promised in my last chat. She looked into it and said, "We were able to validate that you are completely eligible for this special offer, however our system is not applying the credits on your account. In this situation we would need to create a case so you can receive the $349.99 credits." She also assured me that this issue would be resolved. She provided me with a case number saying that it was successfully submitted and that their back office will take my case in the next days so that the credits can be applied to my account and gave me a resolution date of Sept 21, 2018.

On Oct 10, 2018 I chatted in again regarding the same issue. This time I was forwarded to a supervisor who told me that as much as shes would like to help me, she has no ability to manually apply the credit. When I informed her of my prior conversations with her fellow employees stating that I was in fact eligible and owed that credit, she replied that she is unable to tell me why those reps said that.

On January 23, 2019 I remembered that I never received my credit and only noticed because my daughter wants to upgrade her phone (the phone this complaint is about). I went to the At&t store equipped with my prior chat transcripts but was told I would have to go to the store I purchased the phone from. So I went to that store the following day with my same documentation. The manager, I believe his name was Brenden, assisted me. He looked everything over, agreed that this was wrong and I should receive the credit that I was promised. He then made multiple phone calls to his higher ups. After an hour and twenty minutes of being in the store, he said I will receive a credit of $349.99 by no later than 6:59pm on January 27, 2020. He even wrote out the confirmation number along with the date and time I would receive the refund by and handed it to me to take with me.

On January 28th, 2020, I still had not received the refund so I went back into the store to speak with the same manager. He told me that that wasn't a guarantee, and they must have denied the claim once again. I told him that is not what I was told when I was last at his store. He told me there was nothing more I could do and basically that "it (Edited per community guidelines), I'm basically just screwed."

I have proof of all of my conversations and am owed $349.99 by this company. I would have never signed up for a new line nor purchased a new phone had I been told otherwise.

I am seeking a full refund along with being able to terminate my contract early without penalty since I no longer would like to do business with a company that is so misleading and dishonest. Not to mention the hours upon hours I have spent trying to resolve this.

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4 years ago

1. This is a customer populated forum, Not a way to get in touch with AT&T. It is unlikely they will ever see your post.

2. The time to post on the Forum was 4 months after you purchased this phone on the new line. Not nearly 2 years later. We would have advised you to file a Better Business Bureau complaint. It is our experience that nobody on the Frontline can correct a problem that is as messed up as this.

3. You are not under a contract. You have installments on your phones. What you can pay off at any time take your phones and go to another carrier. However, if you leave before you take a shot at getting your $350, you'll never see it.



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4 years ago


Only offer I see listed at that time was “Internet or TV Customers Get Up to 50% Off Smartphones” which clearly needs internet or TV servcie to be eligible for that discount. Like any promotion, if you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t get the discount. I would reconsider chat and go by the local corporate AT&T store for future business to ensure you meet the qualifiers for the offer and have a person aback to if something isn’t correct.

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