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Mon, Aug 20, 2018 7:55 PM

Phone numbers that appear in a wireless bill log

There seems to be a varied history of which phone numbers can and cannot be seen on an AT&T Wireless bill.  I've read more than once that any text message sent via Apple iMessage does not appear on your bill because iPhones do not message through AT&T but through their own system.  Is this true?  I think not as iMessages to my family members and to other iPhones do appear on our bill.  Do family iMessages show because we are all on the same wireless plan or . . . ?  This, however, wouldn't explain why I can see the phone numbers of friends on my bill who also use iPhones.

Also, the answers I've read about the definition of "Mobile Data" make no sense.  Without wi-fi, all data is "mobile" since it's going over the cellular network.  But why then does the Text/Data report show three hour blocks of "Mobile Data" of X KBs at, say, 6am with no details - text messages, cell calls?  AT&T is not my Internet provider, so how is this immobile "Mobile Data" being used?  It can't be web surfing because at that time of the morning Internet use would be from home and wi-fi would be used.  


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2 years ago

You mobile data use is posted 24 hours a day, delayed by several hours (3 to 72).  That’s even on your bill.   Data reported overnight was used during the previous day.    Actually I notice my posted data use is upside down, as in most data reported overnight very little reported during the day.  

   To understand your data use better, track it by your bill cycle and compare totals off your phone to totals on your bill.  iPhones have to be reset each bill cycle, so set a reminder.  

   As for the iMessage issue, I use an iPad not iPhone, not iMessage.  But I understand you can send something as iMessage but it can be converted to SMS.  

   Anytime iMessage sends as data, it’s not on your text log.


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