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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 3:57 AM

Over charges for more than 20 months


Leopoldo Diaz
1330 W. Kamala St.
Oxnard California, 93033
[email scrubbed]

AT&T Business Account Department
Subject: Request for Refund for Overcharging on Business Wireless Account #287286979748

Dear AT&T Business,

I am writing to bring to your attention a significant issue about overcharging on my business wireless account, #287286979748. I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for several years and have always been satisfied with the quality of service provided. However, I recently discovered a discrepancy in my billing resulting in substantial overcharges for an extended period.  My billing cycle ends the 23rd of every month and today my services were disconnected despite the fact that I have been trying to get help since September 14th without any luck. 


I have been calling all of the customer service help phone numbers that I have found on the web in order for me to reschedule my payment to the 21st of this month and I have been denied and have been ignored by all of the AT&T representatives.  Since I had been overcharged for a large amount of money for the past 18 months and since I have been a loyal AT&T customer for a while, I was denied the request of making my payment on the 21st instead of today since I wanted to sort out the situation about the extra charges and since I was able to pay this day.


Considering the situation of the extra charges on my account and the action being recognized by one of your representatives I was treated unfair, and I was not given a slim chance of making my payment on the 21st.  In the other hand AT&T has been charging me way too much and altering my contract by separating my lines into 2 bundles instead of keeping them as a 1 bundle like it supposed to be, and to get my money back I need to wait and file a claim and fight for money that was wrongfully charged to my account that is so ridiculous.

Previously, my business lines were bundled together, and I was consistently billed an amount of approximately $200.00 per month. However, without any prior notification or consent, AT&T split my lines into two separate bundles, effectively doubling the charges. As a result, I have been paying an exorbitant $400.00 per month for more than 18 months, significantly impacting my business expenses.

This sudden change in my plan and subsequent increase in charges were implemented by AT&T without my knowledge or approval. I have carefully reviewed my billing statements and can clearly identify the precise moment when this discrepancy occurred. The inflated charges have placed an unnecessary financial burden on my business, hindering its growth and sustainability.

I kindly request an immediate investigation into this matter and a refund for the excess charges incurred over the past 18 months. I believe that AT&T's actions in changing my plan without proper notification or consent were a direct violation of our agreement and have resulted in unjust financial implications for my business.

I trust that AT&T, as a reputable company, values its customers and strives to maintain customer satisfaction. Therefore, I request that you rectify this situation promptly by refunding the overcharged amount to my account as soon as possible. I would appreciate a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding this billing error and the steps being taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

Just on this year alone I have paid a total of $3,722.02, divided by 8 months that is like $465.00 per month instead of around $200.00 like agreed by your representative and you can check all of your documentation or information to expedite this process, please do not hesitate to contact me at the provided email address or phone number.

I sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved swiftly and amicably. I greatly value my business relationship with AT&T and trust that you will take the necessary steps to address this issue promptly.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. I look forward to a favorable resolution and the prompt refund of the overcharged amount.

Leopoldo Diaz

805-844-6137( Which no longer works since AT&T disconnected my services)


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9 months ago

Please edit your post to remove your name, address, phone number, account number, and any other personal information.  This isn’t a proper way to get this resolved, and you’ve just given every scammer a wealth of information about yourself.

ACE - Expert


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9 months ago


You did not write a letter, not even an email. What you did was post your personal info in a public forum for the world to see.

To discuss your account call AT&T. If you cannot get resolution that way, and have already tried guidance from other customers in the forum, the next step is a BBB complaint.

ACE - Sage


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9 months ago


1.   This is the consumer side not the business side of the forum 

2.   You are responsible for reading your bills on a regular basis and reporting discrepancies, errors, in a timely manner.   

3.  It is why most businesses will not correct errors months and months in arrears. AT&T will correct only 6 months in arrears for consumer accounts. It may be less for business. You might want to check any credit cards related to your business.  Banks, credit cards companies will only correct items 90 days in arrears and often will not correct it if the bill has already been paid.

4.   Not paying your bill is not an option.  You have apparently asserted your bill is correct for 20 months because you have been paying the amount you now say is incorrect.  

5.  There are formal and informal methods of dispute.  Refusing to pay for service is not one of them

For gosh sakes would you click on the three dots at the top of your posts and delete all of your personal information


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