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Fri, Mar 27, 2020 1:19 AM

Over billed by att wireless for $350 - Passport plan

Hello Everyone,

Last December my son went overseas so I enrolled him in a passport plan worth $70. The next day he informed me that the number of gb for that plan would not be enough so I contacted att and told them to change the previous enrollment into a 6gb passport plan worth $140. I also told att that the trip will be for only two weeks and that the plan must end at that time too. Att also assured me that I won’t be charged for the $70, that it would only be $140.

After two billing periods I saw that att still charged me $70 for the original enrolled passport plan, and $140 for the 6gb passport plan, then another $140 passport plan charge and another $140 passport plan charge. I was over billed by $350 ($70+140+140)!

I immediately contacted customer care and they promised to help me remove the 3 erroneous charges from my bill. I checked my bill and the $350 overcharges remained. Almost every week I would chat or call them again and they would promise me that it’ll be resolved every time. Supervisors got involved and they promised that it’ll be resolved too. I even got a disconnection notice so naturally I had to contact them again. And they said that the $350 charge would be removed. They all claim that they were documenting everything on their end. My documentation is only the chat transcripts.

It’s been four months since my son went on his trip, but the $350 is still there because I refused to pay it.

Any suggestions on what I should do next? Who to write?

Thanks for reading.



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2 y ago

Escalate to corporate by filing an FCC or BBB complaint. The complaint will result in someone from corporate contacting you. If they can’t or won’t fix, no one will.

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I will try this route.

Thank you very much!

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