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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 7:58 PM

Notice of Dispute filed 3 mos ago- No response from AT&T- Sent to collections

I am a former ATT wireless customer with a family plan. After several years of nothing but problems with my service and poor customer service experiences I ended my service. I could go on and on, however it would take too long. I'm an old man and would probably be dead by the time I finished explaining. The final straw was last Dec when I called regarding setting up a new plan with data. ATT rep first wanted to update my account info and in this process we discovered I was being charged for a line that I had diconnected a year prior. I had been charged for it all along-outrageous! Rep transferred me to another dept. and I spoke to someone who I could not understand. I am 45% deaf and couldn't understand his accent. Eventually, I told him to have someone call me later- I had a prior engagement and couldn't spend any more time on the phone. No one called me back. I called a week or so later, and after explaining my issue to several different reps and getting transferred, I was finally put on hold. No one ever came back on so I finally hung up. I was mad and started looking into other cell phone providers. I never had an issue that wasn't resolved quickly with the service provider I had before ATT bought them out. With ATT I had nothing but issue after issue, with junky phones, bad reception, lacking customer service, etc.- none resolved. Long story short, I found another provider and ported the numbers I decided to keep. In March I spoke to another rep and told them I would not be requiring service after that billing cycle. Tried to talk me out of it but by then I was fed up and hung up. However, still received a bill for the next month when no service was used. After receiving this bill, I spoke to another rep (this was in May), who again, I could barely understand. I informed her I was disputing some of the charges, she told me she couldn't help- I would have to file a Notice of Dispute. My daughter helped me figure out what the heck a Notice of Dispute was, and I sent this certified mail with return receipt, along with a letter and several pages of information regarding the many issues I'd had and details of the charges I was disputing.  Told them very nicely that I wanted to pay what I owed, but was not willing to pay charges for services not received. I also requested they communicate with me in writing due to my hearing difficulties and hours of business- I run my own business early morning til night and can't spend hours on the phone during the day rehashing the same things I've already explained to 5 different people. I sent this on 6/6/14 and received the certified mail receipt signed by an ATT employee dated 6/10/14. No word from ATT since- 3months!!! No written communications, no phone calls, no emails, no response to my notice of dispute- until, I received a letter from a collection agency last week, which includes all charges for disconnected line and a month of non-service on other lines!!! I am livid. I have excellent credit, and this better not find its way onto my credit report or effect my business dealings in any way! I will dispute this with the collection agency of course. My wife also suggested filing a report with BBB, which I will likely do also. My good friend is an attorney so I will consult with him also. However, I thought I would come on here and inquire if anyone else has experienced a similar issue and how or if it was resolved without seeking legal remedy. That is a lot of hassle I'd rather not go through, but I will if I have to, not because of the money( it is a relatively small amount), but for the principle of charging customers for service they honestly were not provided and poor customer service to boot. I didn't fight in a war and become disabled for the freedom of corporate crooks to rob me. I would have remained a loyal customer to ATT, despite some issues, had customer service been better. Advice?

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Hello @jarhead15 Welcome to the Forums!


I'm very sorry for the billing issues you've experiencing. Our team will be happy to look into it for you and help you with everything we can! You can send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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