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Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 7:20 PM

Next Up NEVER ADDED and AT&T wont fix it!!!

Signed up for AT&T almost a year ago and it has been NOTHING BUT HEADACHES. 

At the time I signed up - I wanted Next Up, I even agreed to have it added to my account. I then had to contact AT&T every month as there were issues with my bill but I never noticed that Next Up wasn't on there. 

Fast forward until my friend left my account to be on her own account - and it was at this moment that I noticed that Next Up wasn't added, which started this whole process of me spending hours of my time trying to get someone to listen/recitfiy the mistake that was made at the time I signed up for this god awful phone service.

The last phone call I had was with the "retention department" which basically I was transferred to as I wanted this mistake fixed or I am switching phones. This agents solution was to submit feedback to the president, which I did, last week, and have heard NOTHING. 

This is my absolute last resort before I just pay off my phone, switch to Verizon and sell this phone elsewhere because NOBODY wants to fix this mistake. 

I wonder if someone is ever going to read this or fix it or if it's going to be $800 out of my pocket to switch companies to fix their mistake.

Oh- did I mention I switched to AT&T with a paid off phone that I traded in???? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!!!

Make it right, or lose a customer.

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9 months ago

They are not required to offer you the next up feature. 

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9 months ago


I’m having this same issue. Only I wasn’t offered next up when I signed up…

Usually the complaint is the opposite that next up an insurance has been added when it was not desired.  If you want the option to upgrade when your phone is paid off to the 50% point, and return that phone to AT&T, it's up to you to make sure it's added to your account at the time of purchase.

most times my service is terrible, which I’ve reached out about.

Why would you want to stay with AT&T if your service is no good. You are obviously with the wrong service provider and should be looking at jumping ship as soon as possible. The FCC regulates where service providers can cover and where they can't. They all have disclaimers on the website for this reason.

And also, my WiFi isn’t working when I'm not connected to xfinity or something,

Ummm ...  That's pretty much how Wi-Fi works. Your phone connect only connect to a Wi-Fi service when it has the login information for that particular Wi-Fi service. You would have the login for your home Wi-Fi, maybe even for a friend's Wi-Fi. You might even be able to log in to xfinity's Wi-Fi hotspots in various places with your Xfinity sign in information.  Why do you think Wi-Fi should work everywhere?  

Or are you using the completely wrong term when you mean "mobile data"?

You kind of covered that in the beginning.

Your cell phone provides voice calls, text messaging, and mobile data access.  Your service doesn't work everywhere. Which means you're with the wrong service provider.  

although I have unlimited..

All unlimited data means is you don't pay more no matter how much data you use. The quality of your service is determined by being in a coverage area for your service provider. And it seems you are not adequately so.

and I’ve also brought that to their attention.

And you expect them to do what?  If service is inadequate it is your problem to fix by switching service providers. This is why all service providers have a 14-day return window so that you can return equipment and switch back to your provider that did work. It seems you have stayed much longer than 14 days and are now required to pay off your phone, unlock it, and switch service providers. You might want to look into the "bring your own device" perks offered by different carriers.

I already dropped them as my home internet, &  I’m about to switch companies as well.. 

Bingo ... We have a winner!

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7 months ago

I am currently going thru this with them, I ordered my phones and service thru the phone and the customer service agent told me I could do it at the store when I got my phones and it's been a week of fighting with them on the phone and in large part of them being rude and not budging. They won't own up to their mistake and have made me feel guilty for the feature not being on my account like it was my responsibility to know their policies ive been with them for 3 weeks and I regret switching from Verizon to them their customer service department is garbage 

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7 months ago


Next up (early upgrade option and fee) has to be added at purchase or corrected during the 14 day return window.   It is not required. It is not automatic. If you want it you need to ask for it and make sure it's added.

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7 months ago

it was my responsibility to know their policies

It is. As consumers, we have to be aware of the details of what we purchase.

At this point, Next Up is not an option. If you'd like to upgrade at any time, simply pay off the current installment plan, buy a new phone, and sell the old one to recoup some of the money. Next Up isn't really that great of a deal and is only offered to encourage customers to buy new phones every 18 months so they start new installment plans, making it more likely they stay with AT&T. You can believe anything AT&T sells is ultimately to make AT&T more money, not just because they love us.

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