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Need help understanding your bill?
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Sunday, March 1st, 2015 2:05 AM


Why cant you train you sale people to be able to explain this to us, and if our bill is going to go up, not lie to us,  My wife went in to get new phones for her and our daughters, and was told the same thing, you would pay the $25 dollars for the NEXT upgrade, but get a $25 credit on your bill. Hey no problem I'm good with that, but once again the problem was that we were already getting the credit, so now after going round and round with them for 2 month we finally figured it out by going to the store, and looking at back bills.  Now I can't return them also.   The only help is that they A. Blame you for not understanding your bill, well how can, you when you don't find out until next month and it take hours on hold to talk to someone who even can understand your problem, and B, they say "they can't help what their salespeople say". I always told my wife to always ask them to ensure that our bill will stay the same.  Apparently not.  I guess you must be a CPA now to figure out all the fees taxes, and other stuff they add.  Just like the housing market, time to slim it down and make it easier for everyone to understand!!! This is absolutely ridiculous.  Your people told my wife our plan would not change, and it did, so it is our fault???  Give me a break, If this is not remedied, I'm out.


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9 years ago

As I posted on the other thread, you should know what you are being billed for, especially with the discount on lines being so recent.

All carriers expect you to pay for your cell phones.

The pricing changed about a year ago to an ala' carte plan to make it fair for everyone. I buy my phones at full retail to keep my bill low, refusing both Next and 2 year subsidy purchase option.

Link to plan and pricing.
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