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Wed, Dec 3, 2014 11:49 PM

Need your help to file a Consumer/Fraud Billing Complaint on AT&T



I am a AT&T customer from last5 THREE years.


1. I entered into ATT contract with iPhone 4S and now it is contract Free.

2. I purchased addon SIM for my spouse and using with BASIC phone on March 13 2013 ( 2 Yrs Contract )

3. I purchased addon SIM  & iPhone 5 for my friend and now it is moved to my Friend's billing cycle.


So totally I was having 3 lines on my account and one got transfered to my friend.


When I requested for termination of my addon line, ATT customer service agent told; I was signed for SAMSUNG (Samsung SGH-i717) smartphone; which I never ever took from AT&T.


Now AT&T asking me to pay early termination fee for Samsung SGH-i717, which I never owned.



Please help me, what should I do now?


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6 years ago

ATT wireles will be able to look at the IMEI number in there system called INTEAGENCES or how ever it is spelled. This is the billing system that ATT wireless uses. They will be able to see what phone number is attached to the IMEI and track it. YOU hope that no one is placing calles on it. ATT should then be able to credit or remove the charge. You may want to talk to an escliation rep or there manager.


In 2010 I use to work for ATT wireless in a call center. 


good luck

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