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Saturday, September 8th, 2018 5:14 AM

My money disappeared!



Let me start off by saying that I've been a customer of AT&T for half a decade and have never encountered any issues. My service has been great, and I wouldn't choose any other service provider.


I have a prepaid account with the $30 monthly plan with a $5 discount using autopay. I had to close my debit card after some suspicious activity to my account but forgot that it was the one linked to my AT&T payments; when it came time for autopay the billing would not go through. So I called 611 and added $25 to my AT&T account using a different checking account to pay the bill.


The money was taken out of my account, but I still received a text the following day stating that my monthly plan had not been renewed and shortly after, none of my texts and calls would work. I figured it was because I had to go online and renew autopay since the payment method I set it up with was no longer working. I renewed it and linked it directly to my bank account.


After, it said that my AT&T account balance was now $0 even though I put money in it and additionally, $30 would be charged to my bank account. That's now a total of $50 that was originally only supposed to be $25 (closer to $27 after tax.)


My question is this - is there a way that the $25 I originally paid and that was removed from my bank account can be put back onto my AT&T account so that with my next billing cycle I am not charged unnecessarily? Or will it be automatically refunded since I've renewed autopay?


Thank you so much for your time, and any help you can provide on this matter.


~ N

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5 years ago

You should call ATT about the double payment. 

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