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Sun, Jun 7, 2020 3:36 PM

Missing Promotional Credits

Did you sign up with AT&T expecting to get some amount off a new phone only to never receive the credits on your monthly bill? Is customer service telling you to just wait for the credits to appear on your next billing cycle only for them to never appear? That's what happened to me, and finally I sent in a notice of dispute and told them I would demand arbitration if they didn't respond. I got a response two weeks later from the Office of the President saying the problem would be resolved.

Stop wasting your time calling customer service. Just send their legal department a notice of dispute and tell them you're going to demand arbitration if you don't get a response within 30 days. The instructions and form are below. My advice as an attorney is follow the instructions exactly.

The only way AT&T is going to change something is if they get enough of these letters. I hope this is helpful to some people.


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