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Mon, Mar 13, 2017 11:53 PM

Major AT@T Billing and CS issues. I would like a manager to see my issues.

On 2/20/2017 we purchased a Iphone 6.
We were told at the AT@T store there would be no activation fee. (we were charged for activation)
We were told about a promotion for Ipad mini 50$ no activation fee. (we were charged for activation)
On 3/8/2017
We called AT@T customer service about the over charges to our account.
While going through the bill with the CS agent we also notices our internet AND Uverse went up for no reason.
We talked to the SC agent for 1.5 hours, We were transfered to 3 different departments. The last credit would have to post the next day because of the amount of credit being taken off our bill. We were told all the over charges would be taken care of. I Asked the CS Agent what we would owe (254.16) and the date the bill would be due (3/24/2017)

On 3/10/2017
We checked out AT@T bill. It was still charging us too much.
I again called AT@T customer service. This call was about 50 minutes.
I told the CS agent the above stories and the price I was quoted. The CS agent said no way you were qouted that price!
The CS agent told me he could see a credit that didnt post. He also said I will look and see if we can save you any money on your bill.
He told me he could double our internet speed and lower our price by 15$ a month. (no mention of a service call being ordered)
Then he said I can get you down to 69$ on your Uverse... (nothing else said)
I said OK that sounds good.
call over 50 minutes.
On 3/11/2017
I turn on Uverse 10 am and all the channels I used to have are gone.
At 10:30am I called AT@T customer service and told them that we were never told most of our channels would be taken away with the price cut. I would have not done that deal he offered if I knew that. The CS agent said we can add your U300 package back on no problem. Call over.
At 12:30 pm I turned Uverse on and still no channels. I looked online and it said that it should only take 30 minutes for channels to show up.
So again I called AT@T customer service. He checked my orders... he said I see your order to upgrade your package AND a service tech call today 3/11 between 1 and 3 pm?? (see above)
As we were talking my Internet and Uverse all went down....
He transfered me to the support team for internet. I explained ALL the issues I have had and what all had happened. The support guy ran some tests and decided my modem was bad....
So he set me an appt for the soonest time he could to replace the modem. (3/13/2017 1-3pm) was the soonest.
Over 1 hour call over.
At 3 pm still on 3/11/2017 my cell phone rings. AT@T field service guy would be over in 20 minutes (that again I didnt know was scheduled in the first place) I asked him if he had a modem on his truck. He said "you dont need a modem" About 3:30 my uverse and internet start working. The doorbell rings soon after. The AT@T field guy comes in makes a few adjustments to the modem I have. I tell him the stoy (s) he tells me how sorry he is this all happened. He also instant messages AT@T And tells them to cancel my Monday 3/13/2017 service call for a new modem. He leaves around 4 pm.
Today 3/13/2017 I get a text from AT@T telling me the field service tech was ready to stop by.

I am almost 100% sure my bill will not be correct for the Month of April. I can assure you if there are issues, we will take our internet, wireless and Tv service to Verizon and or Comcast. I work for a large company that gives a discount to both of these companies.


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4 years ago

Hello @iicec1,


This is not good to hear. I’m sorry you’ve been having some problems with your U-Verse TV and Internet services. This is not something we would like our customer’s to experience. I know it can be difficult when trying to watch television and not getting your typical channels. I’d be happy to share some information with you!


Billing issues are definitely something which should be looked into closely. You can send a private message to @ATTU-VerseCare and an agent would be love to assist you with looking into your bill.


Hope this helps! Take care, and have a beautiful day!


Portia, AT&T Community Specialist

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