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Wed, Dec 22, 2021 8:04 PM

Lost Phone Return

Anyone else having issues with ATT receiving trade-in phones (or other items)? I sent back a phone back on Sept 25th, 2021, and ATT says they never received it so now I am being charged $500+. I was told by ATT that it's my responsibility to track the lost phone. I contacted the local USPS through a support ticket, to which they cannot help b/c the package was picked up by a third party (Newgistics, Inc). I contacted Newgistics, Inc (now Pitney Bowes), and they said that they cannot help me. I've had others tell me similar stories and ended up getting charged for their devices! ATT isnt holding up their side of their TOS so I am also losing out on my promotional pricing for my new phone. 


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Hello @,


Thank you for reaching out to us. For questions about the delivery confirmation of your mailed trade-in device, please contact our trade-in support line at 888-445-6005. Hope this helps!


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This happened to me almost exactly. Did an upgrade and was told I needed to return my phone via mail for that particular promotion (even though there are 3 AT&T stores in my city). No problem. They sent the shipping label and I followed the directions exactly, got a receipt from USPS, and took a photo of the label. That was mid December 2021.

Then in early January I started getting emails to “remind” me that I needed to return my old phone. I checked the USPS tracking and on 12/29 the phone had been “tendered to a returns agent” and that USPS was no longer in possession of the package. 

I called AT&T and was initially told that it was not my issue since I had proof I had given the package to USPS and I could expect no more emails. Then I got another “reminder” a few days later. The next customer service rep told me that the “returns agent” is a third party contractor who collects phones from USPS and gives them to AT&T. This was in mid January. They said that it just hadn’t been processed yet, but it was no problem because there were still three months before anything would be charged. Both refused give me anything in writing that made clear I was not liable for any charges related to not returning the phone. 

Flash forward three months to yesterday and I got a lovely email notifying me that I had not returned my phone and my account has been charged $479.99. So I called and spent 90 minutes finally getting the latest rep to figure out that AT&T actually had the phone in its possession all along since late December and had not processed it properly. All in all I put in probably 4-5 hours on the phone over multiple months to get this figured out, and was repeatedly assured I would not be charged. Even still, the man today refused initially to give me anything in writing that the charge was removed and I could disregard the email. After more than an hour he finally got permission, I suppose from a supervisor, to send me a text message. 

I am fully expecting to see the charge anyway on my next bill, just because every time I’ve been assured by this company I won’t be charged for this I have been. It’s been a ridiculous situation all around that has taken far too much time and effort on my end with no offers to do anything to keep me on as a customer, all for something that was entirely the fault of AT&T. 

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