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Fri, Nov 14, 2014 5:18 PM

Long time customer leaving...charging me $594 for returned broken part of phone!

We have been an AT&T family for over 8 years.  Multiple smartphones activated and always pay our bill ontime. To be treated the way that we have been is inexcuseable and without proper resolution...will be immediately leaving AT&T for someone who actually cares about their longterm customers. We purchased a new Samsung Galaxy 5 for my son in August.  He had the phone for a week and all of the Google appliations stopped working.  After hours on the phone with Samsung and over 2 hours at the AT&T one could fix his new phone.  The representative at the store said that they would be sending us the replacement part for the phone within 3 to 5 business days.  Also, that there would be a USPS return label included and we ere to put the broken part back into thebox and mail it back with the label that they provided.  We switched out the broken part, put it in the box with the AT&T provided label and put it in our mail box within that same week.  Now fastforward to a week ago where all of a sudden a charge for $594 is added to our monthly bill.  I immediately call AT&T customer service and they tell me that they never received the broken part into their warehouse.  After 45 minutes on the phone with customer service I am transferred to the warranty/replacement department and spend over another hour on the phone explaining the situation.  They said that they would contact the warehouse and call me back within 72 hours.  Of course...I NEVER received a call back.  I decided to go directly to an AT&T store to see if they could help resolve this mess.  I spent 3 HOURS at the store with the manager and also an associate calling multiple departments within AT&T to see what they could do.  AT&T provided a tracking number that was so-calledly the USPS tracking number on the return label that they provided.  I called the USPS main line and they didn;t recongnize the number provided by AT&T.  I then called my local postal office where the package would have gone through...and again....they say that it is not a valid tracking number.  The associate at the store calls the warranty department back and verifies that this is the tracking number on file.  I then call the warranty department back again yesterday...speak to a manager.......who basically said that the warehouse has never responded to my intial inquiry from a week ago.  He told me that if the broken phone part wasn't received at the warehouse...that the $594 charge will stay on my bill!!  I am completely fed up!! I did what I was supposed to do....I promptly returned the broken part with the return label provided by AT&T.  I was not told to do anything more than that.  The post office looses mail all of the time and that AT&T holds it's customers liable for this is absolutely ridiculous!! Let me remind you...that is is not even a working phone....this is merely a broken PART of a is absolutely worthless to me and to anyone else!!!!  So to then have the gaul to charge me $594 for a broken part of a phone is absolutely ridiculous!!  The retail for a entire brand new working phone is $699!!!!  This is only one BROKEN part!!  I feel as if AT&T doesn't care about it's customers and is grossly over-charging for a broken part of a phone! No one told me I should insure the item I was returning.......I just did as I was told to do in the EXACT fashion that I was told to do it.  Their complete lack of even having the common courtesy to call me back in unforgiveable! I was also told by the manager within the warranty dept. that AT&T's policy it that the customer is liable for the part until the warehouse gets it back.  I asked to see where that policy is written and he couldn't provide it.  I have read through EVERY policy on the AT&T website about returns and mailing items back and I can not find that so-called policy anywhere.  I also went back to the AT&T store and asked them for a copy of this policy and they could also not provide me anything that AT&T has in wiriting or on-line that states this policy!!!  So not managers are completely lying to me about a so-called policy that no one within AT&T can provide me in any way!!!  SCAM!!! AT&T is scamming it's customers!!  I want this charge removed from my account or I will be taking my business elsewhere! 





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6 years ago

@Beckybear76 we are sorry to hear about this experience.  We see that you did send a private message to our social media team.  They are a wonderful team of managers and they have a case open for you already.  Give them some time to research this issue further.  We sincerely hope that this is resolved to your satisfaction quickly.  Thank you for posting here and thanks for reaching out to our social media team via private message.

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