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Wed, Nov 19, 2014 9:23 PM

Late Payment and Suspension

Yesterday I paid a whopping $570.00 cell phone bill. Today I get a text message that my bill is past due and to avoid service interruption I must pay immediately. I call at&t. I try to set up a payment arrangement for Monday (bill came out on the 14th she told me) it would be 12 days late. I've recently made payment arrangements due to my checking account getting hacked. And trying to pay all my bills while my bank and in dispute the charges. I had an NSF.. but it was paid as well. Now they tell me due to payment history there is no set suspension date nor can they make an arrangements. Why is there no help out there? Do large companies really believe it take 20-30 days to recoup from banking scams and hacks? We do have hard ships. I've been dealing with this the last two months and still not ahead. My post is not that I think At&t isn't trying to help.. they have indeed been understanding In the past. I've paid what I need to pay. I'm Asking only for a few more days to clear the account totally to be 100 % up yo date. By the 24th! My new bill won't hit until.dec 14th!. Any suggestions or help?



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6 years ago


Hello @Anissa25 


I'm sorry you're having some billing issues. There are some scenarios where payments arrangements might not be available, but our team will be happy to review your account and help with whatever we can! Please send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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4 years ago

I have a qustion I spoke to three diffrent people  on the att chat service about this question and got 2 of the same answers and one with a completely diffrent answer. The question is I had a schudle payment on oct. 21 the problem i made an error on my part it was supposed to be for tommorow and att the system att has in place tried to recaputre the funds from my bank and today the third time my bank returned it. Now I was told (by two of the people at att) to wait for the balance that was not caputred to hit my account first, then to pay the balance that was supposed to be taken out and after I do that my service will not halted and that I will be able to reschulde my current payment that is due today for the 19th as i get paid that week.



My simple question is this for people who pay their bill and use the payment schulde for a delay payment if you do not honor it only once because of a error on my part but pay the past due balance the day it hits my account will my service be intterupted or will it be normal service  btw I was told by 2 of these att people that as long as i pay the past due balance that was not caputred from my bank account that the schulde payment will be avable still and that as long as the payment posts that day my service will be unintterupted.


Or is this completely wrong from two diffrent employees telling me this 




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