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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 3:17 PM

Lack of Accountability and Poor Service

I have been a loyal customer for years.  I first got a mobile device in 1997 when I graduated from college.  I have been with AT&T ever since.  When I got married, I converted my wife to AT&T.  When my parents wanted mobile devices, I signed them up with AT&T.  We would use AT&T for our home WIFI and TV but U-verse does not reach our home.  For some reason service stops right down the street from us.

I currently have four mobile devices on the AT&T Network - my two oldest sons, me, and my wife.  We have four more children (family of eight) that will all eventually have mobile devices.  Therefore, the lifetime value of my household as a loyal AT&T customer is high.


We have lived in the same home for nearly 15 years and never had issues with phone or internet connectivity... until roughly 6 to 8 weeks ago.  Ever since then we have not been able to connect to the AT&T system, nor have we had phone service.  We waited a week or two thinking it would correct itself, but it did not get better.  I then started logging all of my issues with the AT&T Mark the Spot app.  To make you all aware of the issues and allow you to collect the data.


Over the past 4 weeks, I have spent over 8 hours on the phone trying to reach resolution and get tech support.  I have spent over 2 to 3 hours on live chat as well. All along, we were without phone or internet connections at home.  We missed numerous phone calls from our parents and grandparents.  In addition, eventually we would have to go stand outside closer to the street to make phone calls?


We connected to our home WIFI for data, but it gets bogged down because we have so many users.  We never had these problems with AT&T before… your service was always fast and reliable. Now we have all our phones setup for WIFI calling... but it is not as clear or strong a signal as our phone used to be on the traditional voice network thru AT&T.


Every time I called you all or chatted, I would have to spend 30minutes rehashing my situation and all the things I have tried over-and-over again.  Each time was like starting from scratch... like a new complaint or issue.  This is terribly frustrating. Several times, I would start the call when I left work, and 45 minutes later when I got home I would still be on hold or on the call… and the call would drop when I would pull into my driveway!


I have been offered $25 for the 10+ hours I have spent trying to reach resolution and get tech support.  That is insulting and a slap in the face.  $25 is nothing these days.  That works out to $2.50  per hour for my time!  WHAT?!?!?


I feel we should at least get one month’s billing cycle credited:

  • I have been with you all forever.
  • My family has a high lifetime value potential for your company
  • My family has not had service at home for more than a full billing cycle… and this is where we are primarily – at home!
  • I have been frustrated over-and-over with your customer service and the length of time I have been on hold and spent repeating myself.

So I have not been provided the service I pay for.  I have had to settle on weaker service and connections thru work-arounds using another provider’s network. I have had a ton of my time wasted.  I am a very loyal customer… and I have been insulted over-and-over again with an offer of a $25 credit.

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6 years ago

Hello @Smboland33,

Thank you for reaching out on the Community forums.   My family uses their phones for everything, so I completely understand how inconvenient this is, and if it wasn't for Wi-Fi calling I wouldn't even get a signal with my metal roof.  I would be happy to help you with this. 

We currently are unable to offer credits unless there has been, a tower outage, or natural disaster.  Please keep using the Mark the Spot app from as many phones as possible.  This will help alert the engineers to the issue in the area.   Also please look for any new buildings in the area which can restrict signal.  

I find when my Wi-Fi calling is having issues; a quick restart of my router kicks things in to gear.  If you have any further concerns or questions, please send us a private message to @ATTCares.  I hope the signal improves for you, and please have a wonderful rest of your week! 

Jessica, AT&T Community Specialist 



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6 years ago

Continued lack of accountability and poor service.
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