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Mon, Jun 25, 2018 4:42 PM

Is the "RC1 Department" code for "hang up on the customer"?

In March I stopped by an AT&T store to buy a bluetooth headset. At that time the salesman recommended I bundle my AT&T account with my DirectTV account.

Since then I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with BILLING.


On 6/8/18 I spoke to Antonio and he acknowledged that our old Direct TV account had a balance - because we had continued to make payments, thinking that the two accounts were indeed bundled.He was very helpful (but the phone call took over 45 minutes) and entered a request to credit the "new" AT&T account with the $143.00 balance from the DirectTv account.


On June 18 our DirectTV service was shut off, we called and spoke to several different people, each time we had to go through the entire story of confirming our account numbers, explaining that we had paid our bill and should have a credit. After being bounced from agent to agent - which took 2 HOURS 18 MINUTES and 28 SECONDS and receiving a confirmation number, and the promise of a $195.99 credit and a $70 gift card we thought the issue was resolved.


On 6/23 our DirectTV service was shut off AGAIN, we spoke to 4 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, taking MORE THAN AN HOUR. I kept asking the customer service agent, Louis,  to look into the notes and account info and call me back instead of keeping me on hold since we had already spent HOURS dealing with this situation. He said that wasn't possible, so I asked to be transferred to someone who could .

He finally said he was going to transfer me to the RC1 Department. I was transferred, heard a message that wait time would be less than a minute and proceeded to hold for 20 minutes of silence (wondering if I had been disconnected) before I gave up and hung up.


On 6/24 we called back, and were connected with the Collections department, went through the ALL the information AGAIN, explaining that we PAID OUR BILL we transferred to who knows what department, asked to speak to a supervisor immediately, were told the person on the phone could help us, and after about 15 minutes were "transferred" to the RC1 Department, heard a message that wait time would be less than a minute and proceeded to hold for another 15 minutes of silence (once again wondering if I had been disconnected) before I gave up and hung up.


We want to cancel our service be refunded our money and be paid for the HOURS OF TIME on the phone because AT&T can't read notes or communicate between departments.


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4 y ago

It's too late in your case, but I would never suggest anyone combine bills. At best, it's not going to be a benefit. At worst...well, you can see how bad it can be. 


If you cancel all of your service, any overpayment will be refunded to you, so that might be your best option at this point. You can file an FCC complaint, but AT&T has up to 30 days to respond, which will almost certainly lead to more errors and frustration in the meantime. 


AT&T's not going to pay your for your time, so I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope for that. 



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3 y ago

I've had pretty much the same problem with a bunch of promises  of att I'm on hold for going on an hr , they disconnected my friggin serices, and no duck this fake azz company.....I WANT MY MONEY

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