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Tue, Nov 18, 2014 11:10 PM

International billing dispute

This is the third time I have used AT&T international plan for travel and the third time I have had to call to dispute the bill and have it resolved. Unfortunately this time the matter has not been resolved to my satisfaction. Luckily my contract is up!


I called AT&T uverse billing customer service, because I have a bundled data/TV/wireless package. I spoke to David in the Sacramento office for 30 minutes before he informed that he was going to be unable to help me, since this was a wireless billing dispute. He instructed me to call 800-331-0500. I called and spoke for 24 minutes with Cassandra in the office near Detroit, MI, who managed to disconnect the call. When I called back I reached Chantelle [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information] in the South Carolina office, who after 28 minutes transferred me to her supervisor Laquetha . Ms. C  informed me that she would be unable to help me after approximately 5 minutes.

The issue: I was travelling to Italy for 2 weeks in mid-September. I called to add the temporary data and messaging service and was told it was the day iphone 6 was coming out and it would be better for me to add it online. On September 12, I added 300MB of Data at $60 per month and Global Messaging at $30 per month, to expire October 8. My bill, rather than being approximately $90 more than average, was $225 more! I have been told that is because it is pro-rating two months of expenses for the one month service, because I added it in the middle of the billing cycle. And, I am not going to be reimbursed for the additional month of service I paid for. In addition to that I was informed that it did not expire on October 8, even though I selected that date to end and I will now need ot pay for an additional month + of charges.

I do not wish to do business with AT&T if this is the kind of service that is provided and the type of dishonest and decitful billing practices that have to be resolved with hours of time on hold with customer service. 



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6 years ago


Hello @twootf Thank you for posting!


I'm very sorry for the billing issues you're experiencing. Our team will be happy to help you with that! You can send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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6 years ago

i travelled outside country 9/30/14 to 8/8/14 (9 days) and my biling cycle was 9/18 to 10/17.

i visited att store on 9/28 and bought $60  minutes/talk and $60 data for international travel.


but when i received my bill in october, i was charged $60 additional for PLAN for Data and $60 for PLAN for Talk. apart from additional minutes & data bought.


i called CS and informed that these PLAN shouldn't be there as i bought data and talk already, and then i'm being told that they come with it, even if store personnel didn't tell u. i argued that that made the att as expensive preposition for international travel, so they credited the $60 + $60 and said that new promo has started on interantional roaming and it is much cheaper and inline with present competition. i cleared my revised bill


then in novemebr i see the $60 + $60 charged again. i call CS and they said that the credit given was for next billing cycle so i need to pay this bill in full  !!!!


i explained that it was an unwarranted charge and thats the reason it was credited and nowhere next billing cycle was discussed, but the rep and later the supervisor were unfriendly & adamant. the rep offered $25 as token credit and supervisor tells me that my previous credit was mistake and was over by $35! i offered to pay this $35 and not to take any token credits too, as didn't want ATT to go bankrupt with benovalance.


i had T-Mobile for 11 years and recently moved to ATT and with T-Mobile i have travelled multiple destinations across the world and have never paid more than 25% of what ATT charged me. it will be chaper that i transfer my ATT phone to a TM phone when travelling abroad and still pay much lower rates and have no billing hassles too.


frusterating part is that when i moved to ATT, i moved my internet and security system to ATT too, not knowing the experience i'll end up with.

i'm happy that i have no contract with ATT and will update soon that i moved back to T-Mobile. i'll definately clear the bills before moving and in return make sure the 80 employees in my company don't have ATT too (personnel and company).


talking to ATT CS today, made me feel belittle, but consumerism has power. even if i am able to convert 120 ATT customers to other providers, i'll have my win and that will take care of $120 i had to pay extra to ATT today.

corrupt practises never last long.



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6 years ago

Dear reader

Please take a look at my issue below. So far I’ve been treated horribly by ATT and I’m hoping someone can help. I’m not the only victim of this unfair treatment and ridiculously high charges for few minutes of international data usage. I found many cases online and a complain form on FCC site for this exact case.  

My husband and I were traveling in Netherlands and we added international plan to his phone that’s on the same plan as mine. Towards the end of the trip on  Thursday Feb 26th  I accidently turned on data on my phone and inquired $2884.70 of charges in 7 minutes. Exact breakdown of usage and charges is below. I got an email alert that stated that my data was suspended and that I should contact ATT. PLEASE NOTE that email did not state that I need to contact them before closing of the billing cycle. See email below. So I turned the phone off and called ATT on Monday March 2nd as soon as I landed. They stated that they will only be able to reverse 50% of the changes and I need to contact customer service for the disputing the remaining balance. I had to call ATT customer servers 5 more times, each time the call would take anywhere between 30-60 minutes of my time to track when 50% will take place and to explain to supervisors that still paying $1650 for 7 minutes is ridiculous. On my 3rd call one of the supervisors told me that if I would have called before my closing cycle then they could have added international plan and reserves the charges but because I called one day later  I had to pay the full amount. Really???? One day later and there is nothing ATT can do.

 I have offered many options that I think are a fair settlement.

A fair amount that I can pay is $446.49. here is how I arrived at this number. My total bill was $2884.70. the charges that happened on feb 26th were  $2468.21. Which could have not waived if I called before closing cycle but there was no way for me to know that because it was not mentioned in the email. And I did call 3 days later.  So $2884.70-2468.21+$30( international plan fee)=$446.49

I’m even willing g to sing up for a 2 year plan if needed. Please someone at ATT listen!!!


  Data charges incurred while Roaming in Europe/Carib/Canada            
1Thursday2/26/201502:26AMnxtgenphoneData Transfer785 KBMK12GRM 15.31
2Thursday2/26/201502:28AMnxtgenphoneData Transfer18 KBMK12GRM 0.35
3Thursday2/26/201506:13AMnxtgenphoneData Transfer78,121 KBMK12GRM 1523.36
4Thursday2/26/201506:20AMnxtgenphoneData Transfer47,460 KBMK12GRM 925.47
5Thursday2/26/201506:20AMphone.vvmpseudoData Transfer191 KBMK12GRM 3.72
Subtotal for KB's: $2,468.21



Excessive International Data Alert for


Thu, 26 Feb 2015 10:02:32 -0600


AT&T Customer Care for Wireless 



myAT&T Account | Support





Your International and Domestic Data Service Has Been Suspended. This action was taken in an effort to prevent a bill for excessive international data charges. 

AT&T previously sent you a text message and an email notification advising that you had used a substantial amount of data internationally. Your continued data use has resulted in significant additional data roaming charges. Please call +1-916-843-4685 (24Hr X 7 days a week, a free call from your AT&T wireless phone) to review your current charges, make payment arrangements, and restore your data service. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. 

Thank you, 






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6 years ago

i have same problem , now every month i have internationals calls , are not how i stop this , anyway customer services do the best .. so i try every month fix this problem ... thanks for let me post ...



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5 years ago

This doesn't make a kinder, gentler society.  just saying. . .

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