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Monday, June 10th, 2019 2:32 AM

incorrect billing charges

Hi I have called ATT multiple times fro a line that I added for a week with a in-person att representative at union city, ca att store.

she got a great price for me for less than $20 for that week and convinced me not to take a prepaid line as i have discount through my educational institute. As per her, there was even a mobile insurance that would be part of the discount that protects that phone in case of any damage that would be free of charge to me. I was very happy to get such a good price and asked her how to cancel the line. she just asked me the dates of her stay and said she has put a note to automatically cancel the line after that. I provided her the dates, in fact put a day more so that my cousin is covered. Now I get the bill and its is $145 for that line. I was amazed to see that and right away contacted customer service and they blatantly refused to credit the amount to show the correct amount to be charged. They even had charged me for the mobile insurance that was said was free to me. I asked them that this line was supped to be canceled way back and how come its still active. this needs to be canceled.


After a month later I didnt see any changes and contacted customer service to disconnect my service and refund me the incorrect charges. According to them they still have that line on my accpunt and are charging me for the same and have no notes showing I requested cancelation of service. So I asked them what does your notes say - one on them was just stating that I called for some questions regarding my bill and then requestd to be transfered to a supervisor. nothing more than that. Well that shows how comprehensive they keep their notes. didnt have any information on what billing question I had or what conversation I had with the supervisor. this is plain ridiculous and unethical. I want my money back and will go to any platform to make sure people are aware of this fraudulent activity. please make sure to keep notes and record the line at your end as well. please keep the name of the agent and their badge number. One of the res did t even give me that saying she doesnt need to. i was like why npt. If you are doifg the right thing Why are you afraid to give your details. there is no other way for us to keep record other than that. 


there is anither false international ling distance charge that I have been fighting for that gets added to my bill every month on one line or the other and i hav to spend time disputing it.lots of time spent on att and my money. Will not take it anymore


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4 years ago

Hi @pnagrat1

Thanks for your post. We can definitely help with your cousins line, and your international long-distance charges. It would be best to continue our conversation in private so we're sending a personal message (PM). Please reply to the PM from ATTCares located in your Forums inbox to begin. See you there!

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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