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Mon, May 20, 2019 10:27 PM

I will be filing a Complaint!!!

BOGO free offer purchased January 31, 2019, today is May 20, 2019 and still not credit for 2nd phone. I followed every rule waited the 2 to 3 months of billing. This month is the 4 month and my bill is the highest I have ever received. Only been a customer sine 2000. That will all change in a few days I just need to know the process to file a complaint and call in to cancel all services AT&T and DirecTv. Thanks AT&T for screwing me over, the Chat is always unavailable and the Reps on the phone can never figure out what to do. 


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a year ago

Are you sure?   Carefully read the requirements for your date of purchase.

Most of the failed BOGOs are because a requirement was not met.


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“Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” 🆘 Dont expect normal any time soon.

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a year ago

I agree AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! NO ONE can help with anything. I have also had an insue resulting from their BOGO promotion. I've been dealing with them for months; getting passed to different people on the phone, each one saying they can't help me. The store manager actually told me she would issue a credit. Went back to the store weeks later to find out the status since no credit had been issued. Discovered the manager never actually did anything after talking to me and when she finally did attempt to issue the credit she realized it was over her authorized limit so she just told me there was nothing she could do. 

I'm amazed they are still in business with this type of support. Jump ship people! Get out as quickly as you can because one day you will be in this same situation.



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9 months ago

Bull hockey! You are peddling propaganda to support ATT. That is dishonest and a discredit to the honest people posting their issues on here! 



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6 months ago

I currently have a DIRECTV Account with AT&T and my wireless bill with them also but after my most recent experience I am cancelling both services with them. I recently had an issue where my Dish caught on fire and when the Tech came out he said it was due to the DISH not being grounded properly. All of my TVs in my home were surged as well as all the boxes. DIRECTV continued to charge me full price for service although I only had one working TV in my home because I was told by their claims company to see if the TVs could be repaired. So fast forward to when I submitted the claim they denied it stating even if the dish was properly ground the strike could've gotten through. I don't know how they would've known that. When the originally damage had occurred months before they came out to take a look around my home. That was only a way to deny the claim. I wouldn't do business with them any longer even if it was free!

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