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Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 2:27 AM

I want my t mobile back! I pay almost double with at&t!!

I recently purchased a v-fold from AT&T and wasn't told that the phone cost $1,800 but they were sure to let me know that my price would stay at or near the price that I pay with T-Mobile but of course with that $1,800 phone that is near impossible also let it be noted that I was sold a three when the four was already out and that was the one I was expecting but the most frustrating thing about AT&T is when my phone gets shut off I can't even use it to call and talk to somebody with AT&T like I could with any other Carrier about what is going on with my bill they asked me to call from another phone what an f and joke I mean they don't let you know when your bill is due it just shuts off no text messages nothing and I am terrible at this I know but still I want to take this phone go down to the store and Chuck it through their window this is the third month I have not had an opportunity to speak to anyone about it their stores close at 7:00 and I get off at 7:00 I take my kids school in the morning I don't have time to deal with this and I can't even speak to somebody I actually had to go and to King Soopers and use their phone just to contact them and have them turn my phone on for a couple of days while I waited for my paycheck I mean what kind of company does this to their people on top of all that they try to charge me a $40 fee every single time my bill doesn't get paid on time and they don't like wiping that away I would give anything to not have been with this company and I plan on telling everybody I possibly can about how terrible they are their service is garbage I don't even have good service at my house but they say because I didn't tell them within the first 30 days about that that there's nothing they can do I despise AT&T and where the when they're the next ones to go out I will be there to (Edited per community guidelines) on their grave

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1 year ago

Who did you purchase the phone from, an Authorized AT&T Retailer, a AT&T Corporate Store, or online from the AT&T website?

A Retail Store, be it a brick and mortar store, or a "store" in Sam's Club, Target, BJ's, Costco, etc, are independent companies separate from AT&T and are not staffed with AT&T employees. Some will do or say just about anything to make a sale. Unfortunately AT&T has little to no control over how their business practices. Technically, you would have done business with them, not AT&T. They just pass your information etc on to AT&T.

If it was a Corporate Store, or online at the AT&T website, that's an entirely different story.

File a complaint with the BBB. That will go to AT&T Corporate and someone from the Office of the President will contact you. They may be able to help after reviewing your information and documentation. 

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1 year ago

I mean they don't let you know when your bill is due

HUH?How do you not know when you bill is due. That is your responsibility. All you have to do is log into your account and look at the due date. If you fail to make your payment yes, there is a $40 reconnect fee. You had 14 days to return the equipment if it or the service did not suit your needs. This is all information posted on the website.

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1 year ago

I recently purchased a v-fold from AT&T and wasn't told that the phone cost $1,800

You mean the advertised price by Samsung for the last 4 years?  The price the phone is listed at publicly everywhere. Like in T-Mobile stores, and online with every place that sells that phone? 

    Why did you buy an $1,800 phone if you didn't know how much it cost? Even if you participated in a trade-in deal which would credit $800 to $2,000 over 36 months is still 800 to $1,000 that you have to pay on the phone. Why would you do that in ignorance, rather than know what you're buying? 

the most frustrating thing about AT&T is when my phone gets shut off I can't even use it to call and talk to somebody with AT&T

For non payment?  There wouldn't be any point. AT&t will not turn your service back on until you have paid your bill to zero balance.  If you think you can talk them into some sort of an extension or temporarily turning you back on, they can't. There would literally be no reason for you to call AT&t until after you have paid your bill to a zero balance.  

    Physical stores are not customer support. They cannot help you with you Bill other than accept payment for what you owe. They are sales. They sell phones, they sell service. Destroying your phone does not remove the debt. It wouldn't from T-Mobile or AT&t or Verizon or anyone else you buy a phone from.  

they try to charge me a $40 fee every single time my bill doesn't get paid on time

T-Mobile's website says it's charges $20 reconnect fee for up to three lines every time they disconnect you for non payment. That's a maximum of $60.  

Not to mention if you are not using auto pay you're not getting the autopay and paperless billing discount every month which is $10 per line discount.

AT&t does an extremely good job of publishing absolutely every single thing you could want to know about their service, the cost of service, phones, fees, everything. It's all published somewhere on their website. A Google search would locate every bit of information if you didn't know how to find it. They even list the eligible trade in phones for every single promotional deal.   

    Clearly you can write so you can also read.  But you didn't read. You didn't read the things that you signed when you made your purchase which would have told you most of what you're complaining about.   The fold has been out for 4 years and you didn't know it was an $1800 dollar to $2,400 phone.  


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1 year ago

I can't how AT&T is doing anything wrong. It seems like your main issue is that you bought a phone you can't afford and are not paying your bills on time. Normally I'd suggest selling the phone and paying it off with AT&T, but I don't think you'll be able to get nearly enough to pay it off. 

You could use a credit card to pay off the phone. You'll still have to make payments, plus you'll pay interest, but your phone won't be suspended if you don't pay your credit card bill. It would be best if you can figure out a way to afford the phone bill you signed up for. 

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