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Sunday, November 30th, 2014 3:35 AM

How Does NEXT Work

Say If i am paying 160 dollars/month on family plan for 4 lines. 

How much do i have to pay per month if i switch to att next plan.



For example if att next per line is 20 /month, so it will be 20x4=80. so i end up paying 80+160=240/month.


Am i right?

PLease explain?

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9 years ago

Next is not a service plan. It is only a plan for buying a new phone. So, if you do decide to buy 4 new phones on the Next plan and each one of those new phones is $20/month, then yes, you would be paying $160 + 4 x $20. If you only buy 1 new phone, then it is $160 + $20.
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