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Fri, Jul 6, 2018 9:07 PM

How do I get AT&T to reverse ETF and activation fees for their mess up?

Edited to give a quicker summary at the top, along with more information to clarify where I started and where I'm trying to go:


Prior to all this I had a iPhone 6S Plus and an iPad Pro. Both were/are on AT&T Next and part of a "Mobile Share Advantage 6GB" plan. After all is said and done... I SHOULD have an iPhone X, iPad 9.7", and an iPad Pro part of the "Mobile Share Advantage 6GB" plan. But I also have an outstanding plan with no device attached to it.


Beginning of last month (June) I saw my iPhone 6S Plus was available for upgrade (Next contract had like 1 payment left).


I tried to upgrade to a iPhone X 256GB and get an iPad 9.7" for $100 (plus 2-yr contract). But something went wrong with the online store, then the AT&T phone rep messed up my 2nd order.


I ended up purchasing an iPhone X 256GB and an iPad 9.7" from an AT&T Store in person.


I was also sent Apple products via FedEx from AT&T (I believe an extra iPhone X 64GB and an iPad 9.7" although I never opened the package and refused shipment) because of the earlier AT&T phone rep order. The original online store order was successfully canceled.


I don't see charges anywhere for the iPhone X 64GB (I suspect because it was an upgrade), but I still have a 2 year contract for service related to the iPad 9.7" sent via FedEx. Actually it says in my AT&T account its a "Novatel Wireless Mobile Hotspot MiFi Liberate" as the device (i'm guessing thats because the iPad was returned successfully), and the plan is called "AT&T 1GB iPad 4G LTE". I also received the $100 (plus taxes, etc) back from the phone rep iPad purchase.


So they paid me back for the iPad I returned, but never canceled the actual service associated with it. So now i'm expected to pay all these activation charges and an ETF if I want to cancel for service I've never used or even had access to.


I did pay for an iPad 9.7" separately when I upgraded my phone in person at the AT&T store, and it's currently in my possession. I totally understand I have to pay the 2-yr contract on this device. I'm trying to get the FedEx shipment iPad device's service canceled.


Whats crazy is, I technically got 2 iPads for $100 each (with a 2 yr agreement on both) having only upgraded 1 phone. This isn't even suppose to be allowed via AT&T's Terms and Conditions of the deal I took advantage of.



Original Post:



Curious how to move forward? I also sent the following to AT&T's Twitter (@ATTCares)


I placed an online order on 6/10/18 at 8:17pm ET (Order #: 22-XXXXXXXXXXXXX121) for an upgrade (my phone was becoming eligible). When doing this, I saw an offer for an iPad 9.7" for $100 with a 2-yr contract. I did the numbers and although the price after 2 years was roughly the cost of the iPad, I figure it'd be a good deal as I like the idea of having an iPad with cell service.


The next day I got an e-mail from AT&T saying my order was "On Hold" and to call. After trying a couple different numbers I eventually get ahold of an agent that said they could help. After about 20 minutes of her looking into my order, she’s unsure why the order is on hold, and recommends just canceling it and creating a new order over the phone. Although this was frustrating (especially because I’d have to put another $170 hold on my credit card), I went ahead with the process. The agent seemed to be from another country and struggled with English, although I tried to be patient. I confirmed with her many times I wanted the iPhone X 256GB. When she gave me a total that was a few dollars less than what I paid online, I got alarmed and tried to confirm she ordered the right size, although the language barrier made this hard. I was placed on hold for 10-20 minutes at a time without any explanation or notification. I’d literally get asked a question “Can you confirm your address?” I would confirm, then the line would go dead for 10-20 minutes. After over 2 hours on the phone with her she placed the order and we hung up.


I then got an e-mail from AT&T, and sure enough the order wasn’t what I asked for, it was for the iPhone X 64GB instead of the iPhone X 256GB (Order #: 56-XXXXXXXXXXXXX655). The order asked me to confirm Terms & Conditions. Because I knew the order wasn’t right, I did not accept them and instead called back into AT&T. This time I received a gentleman who at least seemed to understand me a bit better. I explained the issue and explained I’d simply like the iPhone X 64GB upgraded to iPhone X 256GB because the last agent made a mistake. I understood I’d have to pay the difference as well. He said he cannot make any changes to my order until the Terms & Conditions are accepted. I explained I didn’t accept them because the order was wrong, but I will accept them and call right back if thats what he’s asking me to do. He said okay.

I then accepted the Terms & Conditions and called back in for a 3rd time to AT&T. This time I spoke with a lady who seemed more knowledgable than the last 2. She told me because the Terms and Conditions were accepted, that no changes could be made to the order. She said she can try to cancel it and put in a new order for the right equipment. I explain this will be the 3rd time I put a charge of ~$170 on my credit card for AT&T, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put in a new order or go to the store, and I’d call back if I needed to. But I did ask her to cancel the current order.


By this point I’m home from work. I decide I’d just be easier if I go into an AT&T store and get this all handled. I go to the local AT&T store. I purchase an iPhone X 256GB and they also honor the iPad for $100 on a 2-year agreement. While in the store, they also try to cancel the phone order from their system. The rep says he can see he successfully canceled the iPhone X, but isn’t sure on the iPad. He says if the iPad still comes, to simply refuse shipment.


Sometime this night (still 6/10/18) I also login to and go to “Order History” and the order for the iPhone X and iPad still show “Processing", so I click on a button to Cancel, and explain the situation, but I never hear anything more from this.


On 6/13/18 sure enough FedEx shows up to drop off a package from AT&T (Tracking #: XXXXXXXXXX640). I refuse the shipment. It is returned to AT&T (Tracking #: XXXXXXXXXX229) on 6/19/18. A couple days later I get a refund on my credit card for the AT&T online transaction and the AT&T phone call order. So I feel confident AT&T got the product back, and canceled everything. However when I login to my account, I still see the iPad Wireless Service (AT&T 1GB iPad 4G LTE / XXX.XXX.X631). I figure it’ll just take a few days to drop off.


I login to my account today (when my bill is about to come out), and I still see the service. Alarmed, I put in a chat request and speak to an agent named “Angie”. She says although she sees the credit for the shipment, that AT&T hasn’t received it, and she can cancel the iPad 9.7” service, but I’ll have to pay a $150 ETF since its not within the 14-day period. What?!?! I canceled before I even got the order.


This seams crazy to me. I never even had possession of the device(s). I did exactly what AT&T's agents asked me to do, yet I’m being asked to pay for service I’ve never had access to. I’m also being told because I accepted the Terms & Conditions, that there is nothing that can be done. I only accepted the Terms & Conditions because an agent on the phone from AT&T told me to! I refused the shipment, again because I was told to. I’m being told that I should have received the device(s) and used the included return label. I would have done that, but again, I did what I was told by agent’s of AT&T to do!


I’ve been a paying customer for over a decade. I always pay on time. I’ve added new devices with no complaints in the past. Yet this entire situation has left me really bitter.


The only thing I’m asking for is the service I’ve never used, along with the device I’ve never received to ACTUALLY be canceled (again!). I do not see why I’m being penalized for not canceling within time, even though I spoke to 2 different agents who (well within the 14-day period) said they’d cancel it. I also attempted to cancel from the “Order” page before the device(s) were even sent. I also returned the device(s) without ever opening the FedEx box. Could it not be canceled because the order wasn’t actually shipped yet? If so, why wasn’t I told this? Hopefully AT&T can see records of the calls I had with agents, I at least have the transcript with "Angie". I simply want the iPad Wireless Service (AT&T 1GB iPad 4G LTE / XXX.XXX.X631) removed from my account. Along with any activation fees, ETF fees, etc.


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