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Sunday, July 24th, 2016 4:15 PM

How can I disable data cap extension?

How can I disable the automatic payment for exceeding my data cap? I would prefer my data just be turned off than extended with an additional, unauthorized charge to my account. Thanks for being horrible to deal with again ATT.

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7 years ago

You cannot do so on postpaid accounts.  On prepaid, your data slows to 2 G speed after the allowed amount is used up.


Your options are to stay under your allowance and enjoy the rollover next month.


Increase your data plan so you are paying less per gig.    ***You can change you data plan before the end of your bill cycle and back date to cover your overage, or start immediate to prorate data if you are only slightly over your limit.


Once you pay off your phone, switch to prepaid.  


If if you have an android or windows phone it has a built in data limiter.  Open settings, data usage, and check the box.  Set the limit slightly below your data cap.


(BTW -  you did authorize the overage charges.  Every customer signs an agreement to their carriers terms of service.  It includes ATT to charge you for valid taxes, fees and overage charges and other charges you incur.)




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