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Thu, Jan 15, 2015 8:49 PM

Horrible customer service from an ATT manager!

My bill became overdue so I paid only the past due amount a few days ago to avoid having my phone turned off. Today my phone was still turned off because I did not pay the current amount due in addition to the past due.  I quickly paid the the remaining amount which brings my phone bill to a zero balance.  The service was restored within 5-10 minutes so my phone was turned off for a total of maybe 30 minutes. This made me angry that my phone was turned off for not paying the the entire balance including current due especilly since I paid the past due.  I called customer service because after paying the total balance there was a note that I would be charged a reactivation fee of $40.00.  How can it cost $40.00 when my phone was off for 5 minutes?  The lady I spoke with was very nice and after I asked her to remove the reactivation fee she said she could only do $25.00.  She even agreed that it did not make sense because the same thing happen to her ATT bill.  I asked to speak to a manager and she put a man by the name of Ben on the line.  He not only refused to remove the total $40.00 fee he actually took back the $25.00 credit offered from the nice lady too.  He could not explain his reasoning except to say it was company policy like a robot.  I told him that I would be leaving ATT and he did not care one bit.  In all my life I have never been treated this bad by a manager of a big company like ATT.  I have been a customer for over 10 years and he treated me like dirt.  I feel like I have been bullied into paying a fee from ATT that I feel was not fairly charged.  Also when I spoike with the first lady on the phone I told her to go ahead with the $25.00 credit while I spoke with her manager.  He then gets on the phone and decides to take it back?  Keep in mind this was a regular conversation without any yelling and nobody said anything unprofessional.  Can someone tell me if this is right or wrong?  Also how do I fight this?  I feel like this is David versus Goliath!  


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7 y ago

Hi @Sherman75


I’m sorry to hear of your experience and I’d like to help out! The original $25 offered by the representative would have been a courtesy credit in place of the full credit for your restoral fee. The manager’s approval of the $40 credit meant that the $25 credit was no longer necessary as the restoral fee had been removed. In this case, it appears the correct credit amount has been applied.


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