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Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 6:32 AM

Higher ATT bills than promised, Sams Club ATT representative giving false information, chat support representative giving false information

Good Day everyone!

As of from my topic above, I am here because of my recent problems with switching to att. So let’s get to the point, I was walking to sams club while an att representative greeted me that I could save more from switching to att while at the time i was with Verizon paying $190 monthly and remembering that my dad was trying to save more on his phone bills. So I looked into it more and found out that I could pay $145 monthly and have new phones for everyone in the family. so I made the decision of switching to att through my fathers consent under my name now and i was very confident that i was going to have a good deal with att, honestly it was a very bad decision of me into not putting in trust to people who are trying sell me things and not doing research to myself before going forward with a decision. To start off i was under the influence that I could talk and use data in peru under the unlimited plus plan well that was wrong I needed the premium plan where I got charged $200 from his mistake another factor, i was promised to pay 320 exc tax and fees on my first month but not only the 200 i had to pay i had to pay another 120 from other fees like the “prorated fees” because i had to pay per day from my parents to activate their phone and getting the phones shipped so that took more time and charged me more for that. I was acknowledged about trade in phone credits but on one of my phones had a deal that ended that day where if i turn in my phone i had a $1000 trade in credit but that was not the case getting the phone package and getting the phone received takes days so i dont have that offer anymore. When I found out i was getting charged 700 i literally crapped my pants so i talked to a att chat support representative and he told me that you’re only getting charged 280 dollar not the 700 i calmed down until my dad got charged 400 from the phone taxes plus another 700 from att so I felt very insulted that they keep giving me false information again then I talked to another att chat support representative and finally she clarified me all the information and what was going on. Tomorrow i will be calling the att royalty number and try to get this resolved. Any tips on what else should i do to pay lower amount on my bill? Thanks everyone!(just keep in mind i was very respectful to everyone who i was talking with and didn’t raised my voice to anyone i dealt with)

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7 months ago


I bash AT&T probably harder than anyone else.  And I have not the least bit reticent to mention that after seeing the stuff on this forum, I switched back to Verizon in 2019.  They have some of the same issues, but they seem to know how to fix them. 

    If a Walmart employee tells you that all the Legos are 75% off, is that going to make any difference when you go to the register and they say they aren't on sale? 

  There's no advertisement for 75% off there's no sticker on the shelf that says Legos are 75% off. Some employee just made it up.  


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7 months ago

@regrets1  You’re grasping at straws. Just because @formerlyknownas is telling you what you do not want to hear. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! It’s up to the consumer to research what they are entering into. 

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7 months ago

@regrets1  If the deal sounds too good to be true, and a lot of these retail operators work that way, or they don't completely disclose the details which are ALWAYS listed on AT&T's website, then it's still up to you to pause, do a little research and then make a decision. It's unfortunate that these retail operators, either kiosks or brick&mortar, are allowed to look and dress just like legitimate AT&T employees to fool the customer. Hopefully that will change once these contracts with the independents come due, but until then, the onus is on the customer to research the deal. And, if you walk away and they try to say "but the deal is only good for today", there's your answer.

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