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Fri, Aug 10, 2018 4:51 PM

Help International Data Overage Charges over $1000

I am single mom, my son went on cruise in US and Canada.  I was told after data use to add Cruise Unlimited to take care of the charges and he could use rest of the trip. They didn’t tell me Unlimited = 200 MG of data. After $1000 overages called back and informed of the data limit and they were going to reduce charges to $200. They couldn’t do it until bill dropped so had to call back. 

Guess what I did and after one month of calling and spending over 8+ hours on the phone with 5-8 transfers and no return calls and being unable to speak to the same person all they say is charges valid and there is nothing they can do because they notified me. THATS NOT THE POINT! calls are monitored for quality Assurance so why can’t anyone investigate the phone call where they were going to adjust it to $200.  I can’t afford a $1600 phone bill and now will have service turned off and encure more charges because I can’t pay my bill.  

I have been a customer since the bag phone!  I just want someone to explain why you lie to customers to get them off the phone and let someone else tell us you won’t do what you promised!


is there a lawyer out there or someone to help me!

i have everything documented.


Gary L

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3 y ago

@ActualConsumer wrote:
The point I have made is that the tenor of the posts in this thread from the defenders of ATT are a bit too personally invested to come from people who are not on ATT’s payroll.

When we tell someone (that we are communicating with) how something works and/or suggest that they actually read the plan, that's NOT defending AT&T. It's telling people how it works, and to exercise caution / verify these things. 


Also, keep in mind, this conversation is NOT with the particular staff that is being complained about, I could talk their ear off, EXCEPT that's not who the conversation is with so what's the point of that.


The original customer question was posted in August 2018. I commented in January 2019. My comment resulted in four immediate responses (including two from you ‘lizdance40’) — all challenging my points — and all written within hours of my post.

Do you get a ping/alert/notification everytime someone replies? So do people who had commented on the thread originally. So two out of the three you mentioned were alerted there was action on this thread again. You just got lucky that I happened to stumble along at the right time (international is high risk and I'd like to learn more about it).


I also find it fascinating that Sandblaster deleted part of his original post.

Nope, if they edited a post, you'd see the edit date/time. Edit your post and you'll see.


The thread here suggests either that ATT’s paid PR employees are behind most of the posts, or that [for some unknown reason] ordinary ATT customers feel a compelling need to defend the company. ATT doesn’t need all the defenders.

Feel free to point out the defending. Pointing out how it works and where you can find that info is NOT defending, it's arming people with information for themselves.


Keep in mind, people will continue to read this thread (927 so far) so let's make sure they have information for their future trips!


Customers who are unaffiliated with the company have no logical reason for attacking and demeaning persons who express criticisms of ATT or its billing practices.

So says the person who attributed false claims to what sandblaster said, misinterpreted what they said and claimed it was flawed, and then accesses them of editing their post.


Maybe you've been hired to stir up bad PR? (See how lame that sounds??).



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