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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 2:34 PM

Enough with the Deceptive Pricing Practices

I have been with ATT for years (more than a decade) but I am biting the bullet and switching to T-Mobile at the end of this month. I have been duped one too many times on promises to provide credits, change plans, etc. In just the last couple of months I have over paid almost $300, promised credits to set the record straight and then have to go round and round again the next month never to get any resolution. The agents "can't see" or "hear" (why bother recording?) past conversations or online chats. I know someone that used to work for ATT and they were actually trained to be evasive and confusing to customers so they'd eventually just give up. Well, their tactics have worked on me. It is a scam and a joke to the point that I know I am going to lose the benefit of yet another BOGO phone (I had to fight for those credits every month too) but will be so happy to be rid of the poor customer service and deceptive pricing practices.


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3 weeks ago

AT&T plan pricing and the cost of phones are clearly published for anyone to read on their website, while it is confusing on the bill, there is nothing deceptive about the prices which match what is published on the website.

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I disagree. When I called to cancel to switch to another carrier they offered to switch me to a different plan that was more competitive (I am not sure if it was offered on the website) and credit me for erroneous billing in prior months. I was given the amount I would be credited (approximately) along with the new rates. When I chatted the next month I was told "we'll get that fixed" but it never happened. When I chatted again for the 3rd contact, this person said they could see no record of the prior phone call and chat. So either it is blatant deception or incompetence with follow-through. Either way, not an optimal way to run a business.

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3 weeks ago

Good Afternoon,

We have wrote Direct TV 2 letters, made numerous phone calls and have responded to these emails. WITH NO RESPONSE FROM DIRECT TV...


Despite the NUMEROUS fraudulent offers, promotions, billing and services we received from the beginning of the account, and despite the fact that we were told that our service was cancelled in the appropriate time frame, we were lead to believe that we were being given an additional month of service which took our account past the "no charge" cancellation.

EVEN THEN, we still DID NOT receive our services and were told we had to pay the termination fee of 23 months. EVEN WHEN we agreed to do so (just to get severe our toxic relarionship with DirectTV, their fraudulent services and claims), we worked with a representative and agreed to a final termination bill off $210.

1 week later we received a bill, ommitting our billing discounts and received an INFLATED charge of $483,,, which seems to be TYPICAL fradulent activity of DirectTV.


IF, Direct TV sends us a CORRECTED bill of $210, then we will be GLAD TO PAY the termination fee.

IF, Direct TV DOES NOT send us a corrected bill, then Direct TV will receive NO MONEY.

IF, Direct TV pursues collection of ANY KIND, Direct TV will be sued for fraudulent, sales, services and activities.

Thank you,
Carlos Christopher Blowers