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Wed, Sep 30, 2015 2:28 PM

Employer Discounts

I enrolled for the employer discount way back in December of 2012 when I was adding my son's phone to my account.  I brought in all necessary paperwork and submitted to our AT&T Store here in Norwich,NY.  I never received my discount and went back to the store 3 months later and again submitted all paperwork required.  Again after 3 months...no discount.  This time I phoned AT&T directly to lodge a formal complaint and was told that I must make complaint with the local store.  I did this and AGAIN submitted my pay stubs and all required paperwork.  I STILL have NOT received my employer discount.

I am sick of dealing with the incompetent store reps. here in Norwich and am going to file a small claims court complaint.  I was promised a 20% discount for working at a not for profit and serving those less fortunate in our community  and in fact actually provided Christmas gifts to our ATT Store Rep., Cassie *** 2 years in a row.  She received gifts, gift cards, food, clothing and toys for herself and family.  Cassie is also the rep. who supposedly has been securing my discount all this time.  While I like Cassie, I am sick of dealing with the incompetent store reps. here in Norwich and am going to file a complaint as I feel as though the store reps. tell me anything they think will alleviate this complaint and get me off their backs.  They do not return my calls as they say they will and do not contact me re: the status of my account.

I pay a LOT of money to C each month, more than I can afford due to not for profit pay and having my son on the account.  I can no longer afford this as we are being hit with funding cuts in several of the Catholic Charities of Chenango County (CC of CC)programs.  I am the Director of the Supported Housing Program at CC of CC which assists those with Mental illnesses to remain in safe and stable housing before that I worked 10.5 years as the lead advocate in CC of CC's Crime Victims Program assisting those in Domestic violence and those who have been victimized via any crime.   I have been a Human Services provider for almost 20 years helping many people in our community.  I am not looking for a pat on the back but do expect that someone will see that I receive the discount due to me.  That discount should be retroactive from the day I first applied.  I am writing this to give I am sick of dealing with the incompetent store reps. here in Norwich and am going to file a complaint.  I am writing this to you so that you might be able to address and resolve this issue before I do feel pressed.   


Thank you for listening and I will appreciate any assistance you are able to give me. Contact me by phone at: *** or by email address above.

My AT&T account number is:

Mary ***





Susan **,Coordinator

Supported Housing Program





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6 y ago

I am sorry that you haven't been getting your discount for almost 3 yrs now.  This is a customer to customer forum.  To get a better result, have you tried to go to another AT&T store?  If you have to go to a store that may help.  If that doesn't help, I would say keep calling CS, since going to the store doesn't.   Do you have an email for where you work?  I know that if you do, you can go on line and try to get your discount that way (using your work email).  Taking them to court, I do not see as helping you and don't think that they will retroactive from day one.  Like you said this has been going on since 2012.




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6 y ago

The TOS that you agreed to require arbitration. Your court action will go no where and only cause you more frustration.


See this page to file a formal complaint to start the arbitration process.




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6 y ago

Hello, @bday1559!

Thanks for posting. To check to see whether your account is eligible for a discount, please input your work e-mail address in the correct field after clicking the following link.


Employee Discount Verification


If the address proves eligible, we would be happy to help make sure that it gets added to your account. Simply click HERE to send us a private message with your contact information, the best time to reach you, and a brief summary of the issue.


You can expect a reply within two business days via e-mail. In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.





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6 y ago

Please help me access this discount.  Other employees have it and I have been at the agency for over 8 years.

Ph: ***    Fax:  ***

My email is: ***


I appreciate your assistance.



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6 y ago

Contact AT&T customer service. They will let you know how to qualify for the discount or if you have a company email, you can enter the mail on this site and it will help you apply for the discount.



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6 y ago

It says my email is ineligible...I have no idea why unless it has to do with the intense filters we have on server due to confidential nature of our work. I will be happy to send the 501C letter as well. We are most definitely a not for profit. I just don't understand why it has taken so long to get this straightened out. The reps here in Norwich have been of very little assistance. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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