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Sat, Dec 23, 2017 4:39 AM

Do Skype for Business Calls Show on My Billing Statement



I have Skype for Business on my smart phone. If I make or receive a voice Skype call (not video) does the number show up on my billing statement? 


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3 years ago



Skype is a 3rd party Video/Voice calling application and wouldn't show anything on your billing statement. But, Skype might keep record of it, you could look around on the app to see if you can find any logs of some sort, I'm not to familiar with Skype but, I do know you should be able to she incoming, receiving and outgoing Video/Voice calls.



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2 years ago

By the same token, WhatsApp calls shouldnt show up in the phone bill but starting this month they did.  Why did this change?

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