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Saturday, November 8th, 2014 1:04 AM

Daylight robbery

So AT&T suck, as does their twitter guy steveB.


Let me explain: myself and my wife signed up to AT&T in-store 5 months ago. We were asked if we wanted Mobile Insurance Premium & Mobile Protection Pack - Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate and specifically delined these options for both lines.


You see, my wife brought her unlocked iPhone 5 to AT&T and already had insurance through Apple - so she didn't want the AT&T insurance. I opted for the AT&T iPhone 5s, I also delined the insurance as our renters insurance already covers cell phones and electronics.


We also declined to have the Mobile Protection Pack - Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate - we even joked with the AT&T rep that it's pretty pointless to have Mobile Protection Pack - Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate because of Find My iPhone.


So fast forward 5 months to now - my wife suggests we get an iPad Air 2, so we take a look at our bill to work out how much extra it'll cost. Now admittedly we're not the sort of people who read every single statement we get. You're on a specific plan that charges you a set monthly fee on the same date and most people never scrutinize their bill do they?


We noticed we'd been charged an extra $19.98 a month for the before mentioned insurance and locate service that we specifically said DID NOT want.


So I took to twitter to speak to @ATTCares to see if we could be refunded. After 2 days of radio-silence SteveB says he can call, so he does.


SteveB informed me that because we received statements since the contract started that we couldn't get our money back - which is incidently nearly $100.  Such crap. He offered me $20 off my next bill - whoop-dee-doo! Thanks SteveB!


No, no thanks. I want my $100.


I had a few messages on Twitter from the @TMobile handle prior to SteveB's phone call explaining that I could switch to them and they'd pay the early termination fee for me - lovely! 


When I mentioned this to SteveB he really didn't care, promptly said his goodbyes and then hung up.


This is how AT&T treat their customers? It's a disgrace! Absolute Daylight Robbery!






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8 years ago

While I may not read every detail of my bill every month, I certainly do read every detail of my bill after I make a change to it, and I check it for the next 2-3 billing cycles to make sure it is what I eexpect.  After that, I may not read all the line items, but I do check a few kep points, and I check the total to see if it is what I expect.


While it may be a hard pill to swallow, they are being generous by offering you any refund since you had itemized bills that you did not act upon for 5 months.  Many companies would just offer to cancel the coverage on your line now since it had been active for so long.  Now if you would have called them on the first bill after the change, then you could have expected a full credit for the amount you were over-billed,




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8 years ago

AT&T has so many employees that just do what they wish. If customer catches it right away, you will be able to get it fix, if not, you will be getting charge every month since you don't check your bill. That's why I never bother to go to AT&T store or get any assistant with AT&T customer service. Is pointless. They don't look for solution for you, they just look for ways to maximize their sales. Therefore, I conclude that AT&T has no mean of supporting existing customers besides on selling an extra bucks on their products and services ( well if they ever have a service to sell beside the fact that we are using their wireless signal tower to call, text, and data usage).





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8 years ago

I had something like this happen to me.  My wife went into an AT&T store to get the iPhone 6.  We always get the AppleCare, so she told the person that she didn't need the insurance.  I looked at the following bill and saw that they add it to the bill.  I called and had them remove it.  The rep probably did it by mistake.  And if you want a credit, just call them up and they could take the charge off your current bill and may even give you a credit.  You just need to be polite and tell them what the problem is.  99% of the people that I have talked to with AT&T have gone above and beyond what I was looking for with fixing issues.  Not everyone is out to get you.


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8 years ago


Hello @CYDONIOS Thanks for posting!


I'm very sorry about your recent negative experience, and all the frustration is has caused. Our team will be happy to help you with that! You can send us a private message by clicking here. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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