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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 3:39 PM


Roughly 4 years ago my husband and I went into an AT&T store with the intention of upgrading our iPhones.  During our discussion with the sales representative helping us, he mentioned my iPad was also available for an upgrade.  After crunching some numbers, he told us that the iPad would only costs us $100, which would be due that day.  My husband I agreed this sounded like a good plan because the iPad I had at the time was getting old and not working as fast or efficiently.  Never once did the sales rep mention a data plan would also be added to the iPad.  For as long as I've had this iPad, I've never once been able to access the internet via the data plan.  Mainly, because I have been under the assumption all these years that I didn't' have a data plan on the iPad, and second because it never actually connects to the internet.  Usually, on my iPhone, which has a data plan, my phone automatically uses data if Wi-Fi isn't an option.  Never once has my iPad connected to data when Wi-Fi hasn't been an option, and that is most likely the case because there is an issue with the SIM card.  I get a random note that says SIM card invalid.  I now know it's probably trying to connect to data (since according to my ATT bill, I pay $20/month for data on that iPad) but it can't because the SIM card was never switched or inserted in the first place.  You might wonder how I wouldn't notice an extra $20/month on my bill for the last 4 years? Well, it's quite easy when I spend so much money wit you, AT&T.  I have my entire family of 4 on my plan and my monthly bill fluctuates between $350-$600 per month.  Someone in my family is always upgrading their phone as to add a new monthly payment under an installment plan, or I'm adding additional insurance to one of the phones, etc.  My bill is hardly ever the same, and when it is, it's only a matter of months before it changes again.  So, the summary here is that I spend so much money with AT&T each month, that an extra $20 on the bill that should not be there, doesn't get noticed, unfortunately.   You will be able to see on your end, that the iPad I'm talking about has never connected to data the entire time I've had it.  I am, therefore, requesting a full refund of the sum of all the months I've been paying $20 a month for a service that I didn't knowingly agree to back at the AT&T store 4 years ago, and that I did not ever use even once.  

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1 year ago

Hello @laurencrowdis, we would like to assist you with your iPad.


Let’s meet in a Direct Message to discuss us looking into the data on your account. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it’s the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums).


We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Danielle, AT&T Community Specialist

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1 year ago

AT&T does not sell Wi-Fi only tablets. AT&T's product is cellular service. Just like verizon, t-mobile, cricket, metro, sprint, and every other service provider that sells cellular service.

So if you purchased a $400+ tablet for $100 you are purchasing it with required service for 24 months on a service contract with an early termination fee.

 If you had read what you signed at the store, you signed a contract on the tablet line in exchange for the cheap iPad purchase. 

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