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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 11:03 PM

Credit Check Question?

Hey Everyone! 


Quick question regarding the credit check when purchasing online:


- How long is the credit check and quote deposit good for?


The reason i ask is this.....I was going to sign up for service today and pick up a phone in the local at&t store. Going thru the online checkout process, it stated that I would need to put down a deposit of $108, which I have no problem with, I just won't have that money until tomorrow or friday. Once I have the money to do the deposit, will the system recognize that they've already run my credit or will it be another hard pull?



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7 years ago

​Hello @abynion99


Thank you for posting your question. I’ll be happy to help.


Yes, the system will absolutely recognize your credit check when you get your deposit.  Generally credit checks when activating new service are good for 90 days so you are golden! J


We thank you for your business with AT&T and have a great day!


Tim, Community Specialist

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