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Sun, Aug 16, 2020 6:18 PM

Contacting a supervisor directly

I have had a horrible time with my AT&T account for the past 3 months. My first issue is that I ported my number over from Sprint back in January as well as traded in my Samsung Note 8 to receive a FREE* Samsung Note 10 Plus. I was supposed to receive credits on my bill after a few months but that never happened. I added a line a month later and was supposed to receive a FREE* Iphone XS Max for adding a new line of service. That never happened. I've spoken to numerous people who assured me that the phones were in fact free though every rep I speak with tells me they are unable to see any prior conversations that I had via chat or over the phone. Long story short I am still being charged full price for both phones which means that the promotion that I switched from Sprint to take advantage of was a lie? Where did my note 8 go? Why have I not received any credit for that? I could have sold that myself and made a hundred bucks. My next issue is the "response to COVID-19" that claims to help people that have lost their job or are having unforeseen financial issues because of it. I have tried to make payment arrangements that have been ignored or better yet I have someone make an arrangement, my phone gets shut off any how and then I call in to be told that no payment arrangement was ever made. So customer calls and chats are not documented? I actually have the chat transcript from the conversation where I made the payment arrangement and was then called a liar but nobody wanted to see that or cared. I lost my job in April due to COVID-19. I still haven't had my unemployment claim approved. I pay my bill every month and yes the last three months I've had to make arrangements and have paid late but I still paid the $300 and something dollar bill when I could have chucked it and went to some bootleg carrier. I am happy with my service. I like my phone and my husband likes his. I don't know what happened but when I called the last time to ask about why the phones weren't free it's like a light switch was flipped and any time I have contacted customer service from then on I have been treated like absolute garbage and have been made to feel like a liar and a deadbeat. I'm being overcharged for my wireless service and nobody will do anything to fix it I'm supposed to (Edited per community guidelines) it up and get ripped off and just pay the bill right? That's not acceptable. I just want to speak with someone who has the ability to look at all of the documented conversations that I have had with AT&T and who will sort this out and please fix it. I don't want to break my contract. I actually finally got hired at a good company and start a job September 18th so I won't be paying my bill late forever I just needed to get back on my feet and during a time when so many other people are in the same situation for the same reason why am I not afforded the same consideration? I just want to know how I can contact a supervisor or someone that can help me figure this all out directly. Not the automated system that won't let me through to a representative. I really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you so much and take care.



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1 y ago

Hello @crystalsuch81,


We're sorry for your experience with our customer service. We strive to provide a positive and comforting experience with our customers.


Please contact our wireless support at: 800.331.0500 or 611 from a mobile device. 


If you prefer to chat, you can interact that way. You can visit the AT&T Website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Prefer to Chat.


Also, you can reach out through social media (facebook, twitter) and private message/direct message AT&T for assistance.


You can reach our Trade-in Support Line for Trade-in inquiries at: 888.445.6005.


Hours of operations are Monday - Friday, 7am-7pm CST.


We hope you find these resources helpful. If you ever have any other questions or concerns in the future, feel free to reach back out as we always here to help!


Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist. 





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